Twenty-Eight or 28 is an upcoming Numberblock with 28 blocks.

Prototype Designs

Arifmetix's design of Twenty-Eight is a quadruple rainbow. He has light gray lips, limbs and when standing 5x5+1[>]1[>]1, he has 3 legs.

Lizzy The Tiger's design of Twenty-Eight is a classical music composer. He has 20 white blocks with orange borders and 8 pink blocks. He also has a black tuxedo and a purple bow with rainbow colors. He has pink arms and legs.

Animaljamrock123's twenty-eight has 28 rainbow blocks. He has rainbow limbs with his left arms having a magenta party display. magenta eyes with 2 thick rainbow eyebrows and mouth. He is another super rectangle and when he gets in his step shape form, his thick rainbow eyebrows disappear in he has a rainbow step-shaped mask he acts like a speedy superhero who will save the day.



  • SoSR's Twenty-Eight used to be his main Learningblock character.
  • CwaCor's Twenty-Eight is his Numberblocks OC.
  • Twenty-Eight is the third step Squad, The second is Twenty-One and the first was Fifteen. (Seventh if you count One, Three, Six, and Ten)

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