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β€œ Square with a hole, chunky cross, tower with windows, Get in! ”

β€” Twenty-Eight, Making Patterns

Twenty-Eight, or 28, is a Numberblock made up of 28 blocks. She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


Twenty-Eight has 20 apricot blocks with orange borders and 8 magenta blocks. She wears a rainbow Step-Squad mask because she is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7. She also has red lips, rainbow arms, red yoga pants, apricot/pink boots, she has an Array Display, making her the 5th super rectangle.


Twenty-Eight is a pattern pioneer who can make lots of patterns as seen in Making Patterns. Not much is known about her.

Episode Appearances


Pattern pioneer Twenty-Eight has her "tower with windows" arrangement as her main one, but she often appears as 4x7 or a step shape.

2D (15/1,228,088,671,826,973)

Figured-Out (11)
Compound Only (3)
Pattern Wall (1)



  • Twenty-Eight is also a super rectangle, if you consider super rectangles to be numbers in the form a2b.
  • She is the 2nd multiple of 7 to be female and the 7th Step Squad.
  • Twenty-Eight is the first Numberblock to have rainbow limbs, the second being Seventy.
  • She is the first Super-Rectangle to not have eyebrows.
  • She is the first Super-Rectangle whose main arrangement isn't a rectangle, with the second being Forty-Five. Despite this, Twenty-Eight rarely appears in this arrangement, only appearing in it in Making Patterns, Club Picnic, Four on the Floor, and 100 Ways to Leave the Planet.
    • This is likely for education purposes; Twenty-Eight's arrangement simply isn't feasible to teach students anything math-related.
    • She is also the smallest Numberblock whose main arrangement contains a "hole".
    • She is also the smallest Numberblock so far to have a main arrangement that's more than 10 blocks tall.
  • At first, most people thought that Twenty-Eight did not have pants like the other super rectangles, but if you look very closely, her pants are red and above her boots.
  • She is the first of two super-rectangles to have silver rectangles instead of golden rectangles for eyes. The other is Forty-Five. This is probably because they are both step squads and long stepmasks would look weird.
  • She is the smallest Numberblock to have not appeared in any of the specials so far.