Twelve, or 12, is a Numberblock made of 12 blocks.

She is voiced by Emma Tate.


12 has 10 white blocks and 2 orange blocks. She has also thin eyebrows, rectangular eyes, red limbs like 10, and has a pink thing on her wrist called her "array display" on her left hand, which looks like a rectangular watch. She is often arranged in a rectangle, which is her favorite shape.

When 12 is in her 3-by-4 or 4-by-3 form, her 2 orange blocks are in the middle and 10 white blocks at the outside (a tall donut or a rectangle with a hole, 2 has said the second one on 12‘s debut episode). She first appears in her 3-by-4 form.

When 12 is in her 2-by-6 or 1-by-12 form, her 2 orange blocks are on the 10 white blocks.

When 12 is in her 6-by-2 or 12-by-1 form, her 2 orange blocks are next to the 10 white blocks. In her 6-by-2 form, her 2 orange blocks can be either on the left or right of the 10 white blocks, but in her 12-by-1 form, they can just be on the right.

Fanart Designs

  • One design for 12 is orange like 2. She has pink eyelids and lips and lighter pink limbs. Four of her blocks are clocks. (Punchcar63's Twelve)
  • Another design for 12 is male and resembles a chef. This design of 12 is like a fusion of 10 and 2. 12 also has a monocle and a timer/clock. (MomoDriller and Jaydob04's Twelve)
  • Another Design is where someone just simply stacked 2 onto 10.
  • Another design for 12 is as gray as magnesium foil with 3 eyelashes on each eye, blue pupils, and 12 limbs (just like 8 who has 8 limbs). He/She is somewhat called "Dodecablock". (SuperToysUniverse's design)
  • Another design for 12 is dark blue who has a clock and has square eyes. (TSRITW's design)
  • Another design of 12 is dark orange and has clocks on her body showing 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock. Her dodecagon shaped-eyes are on the sides of her head because there is a clock on her face. (Arifmetix's design)
  • Mr. Yokai's design is a yuki onna. Now. Yes, the blobs are now 15.
  • MDZ‘s Design is purple with dice spots (like 6 when she is tall).
  • PBS66Wikia's design is orange with a red border, red glasses, 4 legs, and shoes, and is arranged 3x4.
  • Another design of 12 is green white brown clocks. Created by ALARM BOB OMB.



Fanart/Prototype Designs


  • 12 is first female who is a multiple of 4.
  • 12 is the first number voiced by Emma Tate. Her voice actor also voices 19 and 21.
  • 12's numeral means:
    • 5 in Ternary.
    • 6 in Quaternary.
    • 8 in Senary.
    • 10 in Octal.
    • 14 in Duodecimal.
      • In the duodecimal system, 12's numeral is 10 and is named "doe".
    • 18 in Hexadecimal.
      • In the hexadecimal system, 12's numeral is C.
  • In her debut episode, the thing on 12's wrist is her ‘array display’, where she can choose which rectangular array to form. She can be 1 by 12, 2 by 6, 3 by 4, 4 by 3, 6 by 2, or 12 by 1. Whenever she switches her blocks, she always says, "Switch!" Whenever she turns the shape (Example: 3 by 4 to 4 by 3), she says, "Turn!"

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