Let's hear a bedtime story about the Numberblocks Eleven to Fifteen.


All of the Numberblocks are asleep in their beds, except for Eleven through Fifteen, with Fifteen telling a bedtime story.

Chapter 11: Back of the Net

Eleven is playing a football game against 11 Ones, with Two and Three's commentary. Eleven hits the ball with her One-block 11 times and scores a goal.

Chapter 12: Rectangle Rush

Twelve goes to a game called Rectangle Rush. Twelve arranges herself into different rectangles: 3x4, 4x3, 2x6, 6x2, and 12x1.

Chapter 13: Oops, Unlucky Me!

Thirteen is in a film made by One, but when his name is said, he accidentally splits into Ten and Three. One tries many times to film Thirteen.

Chapter 14: Downhill All the Way, Dude!

Fourteen is skateboarding on several ramps, but on a double ramp, he splits into two Sevens, then makes it to the goal.

Chapter 15: Night Mission!

Fifteen appears as an agent known as the Super Special Secret Step Squad. The step squad repeats the steps:

After the story is finished, Fifteen says "Mission accomplished! Hush, hush!", concluding the story as Eleven through Fourteen snore.


  • This episode is the third part of the episodes Once Upon A Time (1-5) and Now We Are Six To Ten (6-10).
  • This marks the fifth time One is seen sleeping. The first is Another One, the second is The Terrible Twos, the third is Once Upon A Time, and the fourth is Now We Are Six to Ten.
  • This marks the fourth time Two and Three are seen sleeping. The first is The Terrible Twos, the second is Once Upon A Time, and the third is Now We Are Six to Ten.
  • This marks the third time Four is seen sleeping. The first is Once Upon A Time, and the second is Now We Are Six to Ten.
  • This marks the third time Six is seen sleeping. The first is Counting Sheep, and the second time is Now We Are Six to Ten.
  • This marks the second time Five, Seven, Eight, and Nine (5, 7-9) are seen sleeping. The first is Now We Are Six to Ten.
  • This marks the first time Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen (10-14) are seen sleeping. (11-14 are the new characters in the season)
  • Alphablocks F, U, and N make a cameo in Night Mission as toy blocks. If one know about Alphablocks, they would see the Alphablocks arranged into the word "FUN".
  • Eight and Nine only appear in the beginning where they are sleeping while others are seen in the story and beginning.
  • This is the first time 1-15 are all here and the first time 11-15 meet together. (11 and 12 have met 13 in Thirteen.Also,12 have met 14 in Fourteen)
  • This is the first time 2, 4-9 and 14 &
  • 15 meet 13.
  • This marks the fourth appearance of the Numberblobs who make a reappearance in Chapter 12: Rectangle Rush!
  • In Chapter 13: Oops, Unlucky Me!, after Thirteen falls apart the first time, the BBC 2 test card is referenced, where Ten plays as Carole and Three as Bubbles the Clown.


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