Train is an episode of Series 3. 


The Alphablocks are getting ready to take a holiday, but T has forgotten to arrange transport.

r-ai-l, RAIL!

A railroad appears, and so does the time table reading the arrival of the train is 9:00. The train isn't coming until another two hours, 12 minutes, and 22 seconds. They cannot wait that long.

r-ai-n, RAIN!

It starts to rain and the Alphablocks are still standing.

t-r-ai-n, TRAIN!

A train appears. W wants to come along for the ride.

w-ai-t, WAIT!

The train comes to a stop. T lets N take his seat as CH comes by. They sit on the front seat, but only the front of the train goes, leaving the passenger cars behind. L tells them to come back and reminds them that something is missing.

ch-ai-n, CHAIN!

F flies in and takes the front seat while CH goes in the passenger car.

f-ai-l, FAIL!

The engine has failed! The trip is about to be ended in tragedy, but S comes in to help.

s-ai-l, SAIL!

The Alphablocks hop aboard a sail boat. They can finally travel, and the episode ends with N asking "Are we nearly there yet?"

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • AI
  • CH


  • Rail
  • Rain
  • Train
  • Wait
  • Chain
  • Fail
  • Sail


  • Total words: 7
  • B, D, E, G, J, K, M, O, P, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, as a single Alphablock, only says her sound in this episode.
  • Running gag: N asks "Are we nearly there yet?"
    • C, F, H, and S are the only Alphablocks who do not say "No!" after N asks.
  • Both letters in digraph CH have proper speaking lines together. But when unstuck, C doesn't speak and H only has one solo line. This makes C the only Alphablock who has no solo lines in this episode.

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