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The Tower of Rock is a location in Numberland.

It first appeared in Sky High Fives.


It is a tall tower in a shape of a star-shaped electric guitar. There are two blue arrows on the left and right pointing to the top of the tower.

The tower has nine floors going the base of the tower going up, representing the multiples of 5 from 5 to 45. Each floor, as well as one the top, is marked with a multiple of 5 and uses the color scheme of its respective number. Each individual floor has rooms with balconies, decorated with starry banners and potted plants. The main part of each floor matches the 10s color, with 5’s floor being blue, while the 1s color (blue) is used to decorate the actual rooms, instead using the 10s color if the room is a multiple of 10. A large wall on each floor from 5 to 45 has a design on it reflecting that multiple of 5, with the number of objects reflecting how many 5s that number is made of.

5: One star with colored rings and a dotted outline.

10: Two stars with horizontal stripes and solid outlines.

15: Three step squad masks, each divided into five steps.

20: Five purple and white vertically-striped top hats with a pair of purple and white crossed dancing canes.

25: Five striped squares.

30: Six yellow and white vertically-striped circus tents with red tips on top.

35: Seven five-petaled flowers, each one being a different color of the rainbow, as well as a rainbow.

40: Eight varyingly decorated rectangles.

45: Nine step squad masks, each divided into nine steps.

The top of the tower resembles a giant star at the top of the tower, and is marked with the number 50.

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