"1, 2, 3... everybody look at me!" - Get to know Numberblock 3

Three, or 3, is the Numberblock made up of 3 blocks.

She first appears in the episode with the same name.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers who also voices One, Five, Sixteen and Blockzilla.


Three has three yellow blocks. She has red lips and 3 balls for buttons to resemble a clown, and like most other clowns, she can juggle all 3 balls. She also has a jester-hat-like appendage on her top block, which is red on the front and yellow behind.


3 is happy-go-lucky and loves to entertain and juggle. She is boastful and thinks that she is the best Numberblock.


Total number of appearances: 78


Nine and Now We Are Six to Ten are the only episodes where 3 does not speak in. The regular 3 does not speak in The Three Threes either, although a trio of 3's with moustaches who call themselves "The Three Threes" do.

3 resembles Ronald McDonald due to them both resembling clowns.

In How to Count, 3 counts improperly, just like 2 in the Numberjacks episode, Out for the Count. However, unlike Numberjack 2, she doesn't say the numbers in the wrong order, she counts everything as her number.

3 has a British accent of the region Lancashire.

Her Alphablocks equivalent would be I, as both are boastful.

She is the smallest numberblock in "Divide and Drive "


  • "Look at me!"
  • "There's a flapjack snaffler on the loose!"
  • (As the Three Threes) "We three are The Three Threes!"
  • "Ba, ba, ba!"


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