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This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Three (episode).

"Look at me!"

Three, multiple occasions

Three, or 3, is the Numberblock made up of 3 blocks.

She first appears in the episode with the same name.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers, who also voices One, Five, Eleven, Sixteen, Twenty-Four, Thirty, Fifty, and Blockzilla.


Three has three yellow blocks. She has red lips and orange eyes, and her limbs have a red-to-purple gradient. She also has 3 balls for buttons on her middle block to resemble a jester, and like most other jesters, she can juggle all 3 balls. She also has a jester hat on her top block that doubles as a unibrow; the triangular parts are red and the circular parts are yellow.


At her very basis, Three is an entertainer who loves doing things to make her friends happy. This generally involves juggling, however, she has often set up numerous events for her friends as well. She usually has a happy attitude, and her outgoing nature leads to her generally being around other Numberblocks.

Three has a lot of care for her friends, often being around them, doing things to make them happy, and even comforting them if they feel down about themselves. She is also very physically affectionate, as she is often seen hugging other Numberblocks in the show. Three also enjoys entertaining with others and enjoys sharing things she does with her friends.

She often shows a self-confident attitude, referring to herself as "the best Numberblock" or calling herself great; however, given that she compliments her friends and has even referred to others as the best, it's safe to assume that these are just lighthearted comments not meant to put others down. Her self-confidence does not extend to blindly thinking she's always correct, as she has been shown to listen to others if they tell her she's wrong. Following this side of her personality, she also very much enjoys being in the spotlight, her catchphrase "Look at me!" doubling both to get others to watch her entertain them and to get them to place their attention onto her. In addition, she is also sensitive to being left out, often getting either irritated or sad if this happens. This does not mean she wants only herself to be in the spotlight; she has entertained with her friends as well as not liking others being left out, as shown in Divide and Drive when she was sad over not being able to let Sixteen ride the go-karts. As a result, she pays attention to whose "turn" it is, not wanting herself or others to be left out of things. This is best shown in I Can Count to Twenty when she wanted to go after One and Two counted up to Twenty and in Your Turn where she spoke up only after some of her other friends were left out, too.

Three's self-confident nature may also have a deeper meaning to it. She has shown insecurity over being a smaller Numberblock to the point of even wishing to be Seven. Three has also shown anxiety over making mistakes to the point of trying to hide said mistakes from most of her friends as seen in Seventeen and has shown brief moments of upset if told she's wrong in some way. Not to mention, she does not always get along with other Threes, heavily contrasting how most other Numberblocks tend to treat other copies of them. While this has not been confirmed, it is possible that her supposed self-confidence is a means to make her feel better about herself to counter potentially lower self-esteem.

Three also tends to not speak up when others hurt her, such as in episodes like Seventeen. While she is clearly still affected by these events, she may not tell the person to stop or that she is upset by said actions, sometimes even acting completely fine about these actions afterward. She may be more inclined to speak up if she is not the only one affected, such as in Your Turn. Three may also feel more inclined speak up if the person has indicated that they're antagonistic in some way, such as Captain Hexbeard during The Treasure of Hexagon Island or I from Making Friends. It is also possible that she may have felt more comfortable standing up for herself in later episodes than in earlier episodes. Regardless, she still only calls out the action itself, not directly stating how it makes her feel.

While Three is generally a very happy person, she can also be more prone to irritation and even has anger issues if provoked enough. Her anger issues are most clearly seen in the episode Fruit Salad when she threw Five into a machine after being overwhelmed with both anger and hunger; it is however important to note that she only did that after spending the episode hungry and unable to get food and was not thinking clearly as a result, only blaming the machines prior to that point. Fruit Salad is the only episode where she has straight-up explosive anger, though she does have smaller bursts of anger in other episodes. Her irritation can sometimes lead to her being sarcastic, such as in Mirror Mirror or Ride the Rays.

Despite the aforementioned irritation and anger issues, Three does not seem to hold grudges against other Numberblocks. Her immediate instinct was to paint a picture for Seventeen even after all he had done to her, and she did not seem to hold hard feelings towards him after the episode; this thought process is also present in other episodes. Notably, she also seems more playful with the Terrible Twos despite their mischievous nature, such as startling them in their debut or taunting them in Octoblock to the Rescue!. She also did not mind hiding behind them in the episode Peekaboo!. This could indicate she is more open to them than most other Numberblocks.

Connecting to her drive to make others happy, Three does not like seeing her friends upset or hurt. While this is present in other episodes, a notable example of her being concerned for her friends is her reaction to One's low self-esteem in Stampolines; a notable example of her being worried about someone being hurt is her reaction to Five being hurt during the door section in Peekaboo!. She was also devastated when she thought Zero disappeared.

Three also has been shown to admire her friends, such as wanting to be Seven, praising Eight's juggling, or being amazed at Thirty. She makes sure to be supportive towards other Numberblocks, often complimenting them such as when she called Zero her hero in her debut or making an effort to appeal to their interests such as encouraging Seven to bring up his luck in Twenty One and On. She is also very inclusive, shown even in her debut when she frequently invited One and Two on stage with her and more directly included them in the play segment.

Despite her effort to pay attention to when others are upset so she can cheer them up, she is not always the best at recognizing others could be upset, such as when she wins all of the games in One, Two, Three! and eats all of the apples. Nonetheless, she does try to make things right if she realizes, and this is shown in the same episode when she got both of them apples at the end, only eating another apple after Two tossed it to her.

While Three is not the best leader-type figure due to her immaturity and fun-loving nature, she has taken the role a few times in the show. Some examples of this are Numberblock Castle, Zero, Mirror Mirror, and Ten's Place. In One, Two, Three!, her initial instinct when tasked with collecting food was to turn it into a game and ate all the apples without thinking to give any to One or Two, though she did ultimately get them more apples by the end of the episode, possibly indicating she may have improved in this behavior. This is furthered by the episode Zero, where she makes cakes for herself, One, and Two, letting each of them have a cake immediately. She also watches out for them throughout the same episode, showing more concern than she usually does when bigger numbers are around.

Three also does not always listen to what others may tell her to do. Two different sides of this are shown in the episodes Mirror Mirror and Too Many Threes. In Mirror Mirror, she defies One's direction to not mess around with the magic mirror to make copies of all the Numberblocks with the motive to add a clearer example of One's discovery and to give her a positive surprise. In Too Many Threes, she defies Fifteen's direction to not go inside the Threehouse with the intent to grab her trinoculars and leave, though gets distracted and is unable to leave. In contrast with Mirror Mirror, she does not like that she defied Fifteen's direction to not enter the Threehouse and gets increasingly stressed out over it. The difference in emotion likely has to do with both motive and context; Three defied One's direction with the motive to make her happy, but she did not have this motive with Fifteen, and Three does not seem to consider One an authority figure like she seems to do with Fifteen. This indicates Three may be less inclined to disobey authority figures, only doing so if she has a reason she believes to be good enough.

Three also can get scared relatively easily compared to the other Numberblocks; she was terrified of Blockzilla, and she has shown moments of lesser fear such as her hiding at the end of Mirror Mirror when the closet came open. She can nonetheless be brave if the situation calls for it, as she trusted and went along with Five's plan to stop Blockzilla.

Despite being a number, math does not seem to be Three's strong point. In the episode How to Count, she counted incorrectly throughout the episode, and she was likely doing this prior to this episode. In the episode Divide and Drive, she briefly questions how many Threes are in Nine; later in the episode, she has the initial thought that anyone can be divided into Threes. While she later learned what the correct answers are, this does indicate a pattern of her not having the strongest grasp on mathematical concepts. While she may be slow to realize things, this does not indicate she has a lower intelligence, as she is shown to be smart in other areas in several episodes, such as taking notes in Mirror Mirror and even figuring out the key to Twelve's puzzle in Ride the Rays before anyone else.

Episode Appearances

Total number of appearances: 109 + 2 (Incl. pictures)


One, Two, Three, Look at me! Three has 6 2D arrangements: horizontal, vertical, 1L+2, 2+1L, 1R+2, and 2+1R.

2D (6/6)

3D (2)


  • Three has a British accent of the region Lancashire.
  • Some aspects of her design represent One and Two as she is the only Numberblock to be made solely of two different Numberblocks and no others, as One only has one block and Two is made out of two Ones. Her two eyes are orange, her one mouth is red, and her limbs start out red like One's and lead into purple like Two's.
  • She seems to have a heavy liking towards birds, as seen in Seventeen and Too Many Threes.
  • She is the first Numberblock to have some sort of brow (unibrow) but if eyebrows only count, then four is, and if unibrows only count, she is the first and only Numberblock to have a unibrow.
  • The website's description of Three is: "Numberblock Three is a real performer − always juggling, putting on a show, telling a tall tale or doing magic tricks to keep the others entertained with a 1, 2, 3, Look at me!"[2]
  • Three is afraid of high places, as seen in Ten's Place and What If?


  • "Look at me!"
  • "There's a flapjack snaffler on the loose!"
  • (As the Three Threes) "We three are The Three Threes!"
  • "Ba, ba, ba!"


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