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Fanmade Designs

Arifmetix's design of Thirty-Two is sky blue with an airplane patch that has 32 points and has sapphire blue lips and limbs. He has rounded-pentagon shaped eyes.

ThatBlueGuy's design of Thirty-Two is green and magenta resembling Four and Eight with a square mouth.

Klasky1's design of Thirty-Two is pink with a green outline.

TSRITW's first design of Thirty-Two is magenta, has a green outline, and has a green Octoblock-esque mask.

TSRITW's second design of Thirty-Two is... just look at the image.

ThatGuy30722's design of Thirty-Two is a dentist, because people have 32 teeth.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows' design of Thirty-Two has rectangular eyes like the other super-rectangles. She has an orange face and purple limbs, and two antennae with colors representing the doubling pattern. She likes cloning things

Dortida's design of Thirty-Two is... ...similar to ThatGuy30722's 32.