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Thirty-Two, or 32, is a Numberblock made up of 32 blocks.


Thirty-Two has an orange face and orange limbs. She has rectangle eyes and an array display making her the 6th Super Rectangle.


She's a super-rectangle that likes splitting in half and doubling. As seen in Snow Day Doubles, she likes playing in the snow.

Episode Appearances

  • Total: 7 (figured-out) 3 (compound)



  • Thirty-Two is the smallest composite number figured-out in Season 8.
  • She is the first odd power of 2 () that doesn't wear glasses or masks, unlike Two (, wears glasses) and Eight. (, wears a mask)


  • Thirty-Two is the only two-digit number that is a fifth power. The next fifth power is 243.
  • Thirty-Two is the only two-digit number with six divisors not in the form (where and are distinct primes).
  • Even though Thirty-Two is a super rectangle, she does not have pants like Twelve, Eighteen and Twenty-Four. This is probably an error while making her rig, or it might be intentional.