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Thirty-Six, or 36, is a Numberblock made up of 36 blocks.


36 has 30 light yellow blocks and 6 indigo blocks. He has square eyes because he is a square, a magenta mouth, and light purple limbs. Not only does he have a pink step squad mask and boots (because he is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8), but he also has an array display on his left wrist (because he is also a super-duper rectangle).

Episode Appearances


Puzzle Master Thirty-Six is mostly seen as a 6x6 square or a step shape.

2D (11/71,242,712,815,411,950,635)


  • He was mentioned in We're Going on a Square Hunt as 6x6, and then appeared later in The Big One as "30 and 6". This continues until in More To Explore where his figured-out form appeared as a drawing, and then in Steps Versus Squares where he officially appears.
  • It was rumoured on Twitter that 36 is a "she" and "a big fan of tricks". However, the tweet was deleted due to it accidentally leaking 36's personality and mistaking 36's gender.
  • 36 is the first Step Squad to be male, with the second being 55.
  • 36 is one of the few Numberblock to be the opposite gender of his digits, after 13, 31, 35, 49 and 55.
  • Debatably, he is one of the first Numberblocks to already have figured themselves out without 21's help, along with 49 and 64. Evidence points to this as before 25 figured herself out, her mural didn't have a face.
  • 36 is a super-duper rectangle because he has 9 factors.
  • 36 is the third multiple of 3 to be male, with the previous being Eighteen.
  • Thirty-Six wears red pants, covering his legs.
  • He is the first square to be a super rectangle.
  • Not counting One, he is the only number to be both a square and a step squad.


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