Thirty-One is an upcoming Numberblock made of 31 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

Arifmetix's design of Thirty-One is with 3 semi oval eyes and a maroon and red party hat. She loves parties and holidays because Arifmetix's birthday is January 31. Her name is Holiday.

Punchcar63's design of Thirty-One is black with orange eyes, green lips, purple eyebrows, and six arms, five of them having five fingers and one having six fingers (6x5+1), two ears, a tail, brown hair, and six red stitches. He resembles a Halloween-styled black cat, and is the spookiest Numberblock in all of Numberland. He is called Halloweenblock.

TSRITW's Thirty-One is named "Harry" and is 13's brother. He sometimes wears a jack-o-lantern on his head.

AlistairNoelIrl’s Thirty-One is a yellow Numberblock with One’s body next to her right. He loves Harry (TSRITW's Thirty-One).



  • TSRITW’s 13 and 31 have many things in common:
    • They usually wear something that’s considered 1 block: 13’s top hat and 31’s jack o’lantern.
    • They’re both magicians.
    • They’re both two-digit Numberblocks that contain the numbers 1 and 3.

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