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Thirty-Five or 35 is a Numberblock made of 35 blocks.


Thirty-Five has a blue face with blue limbs. Above his face is 5 flowers with 7 petals, each one the color of the rainbow. The flowers are usually arranged in a W shape. His eyes are circular with glasses.


Not much is known about 35's personality, since he only appeared in one episode with his only line being his value. However, the Five Times Table described him as a lucky Numberblock. Judging by the rainbow flowers, 35 might be a hippie or a flower botanist.

Episode Appearances



  • 35 is probably figured-out offscreen some time before Sky High Fives.
    • He (and all the other figured-out Numberblocks bigger than 30 except for the orders of magnitude) is probably figured-out by going through the six-step plan seen in Figure It Out, which will explain why he was figured-out offscreen: Nobody would want to see a repeat of Figure It Out, a previous episode.
  • He shares his face style with Twenty-Three, Twenty-Nine, and Thirty-One.
    • He is the first non-prime number to have 23's face style.
    • However, if the eyebrowless ones also count, then Twenty-Seven is the first.
  • 35 is the first number ending in 5 to be male. The second is 55.
  • He is the first odd number to wear glasses.
  • He appears the least out of all the Numberblocks, appearing only once. Other appearances of him are represented by Compound 35.