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β€œ Counting in fives, you can work it out fast! ”

β€” Thirty-Five, About Time

Thirty-Five, or 35, is a Numberblock made up of 35 blocks.


Thirty-Five has a blue face with blue limbs. Above his face is 5 flowers with 7 petals, each petal are the colours of the rainbow. The flowers are usually arranged in a W shape. His eyes are circular with blue glasses.


Not much is known about 35's personality, since he only appeared in two episodes. However, the Five Times Table described him as a lucky Numberblock. Judging by the rainbow flowers, 35 might be a hippie.

Episode Appearances



====2D (5/18,027,932,215,016,128,134)====
Figured-Out (4)
Compound Only (1)


  • 35 is probably figured-out offscreen some time before Sky High Fives.
    • He (and all the other figured-out Numberblocks bigger than 30 except for the orders of magnitude) is probably figured-out by going through the six-step plan seen in Figure It Out, which will explain why he was figured-out offscreen: Nobody would want to see a repeat of Figure It Out, a previous episode.
  • He shares his face style with Twenty-Three, Twenty-Nine, and Thirty-One.
    • He is the first non-prime number to have 23's face style.
    • However, if the eyebrowless ones also count, then Twenty-Seven is the first.
  • He is one of the figured-out Numberblocks with the fewest appearences in the series, the others are Eighty-One, Forty-Nine and Thirty-One.
  • 35 is the first number ending in 5 to be male. The second is Fifty-Five.
  • He is the first odd number to wear glasses.
  • He is the only Numberblock so far to have any accessories outlined in black.