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Thirty, or 30, is a Numberblock made up of 30 blocks.


Thirty is light-yellow with 30 blocks in 3 groups of 10. She has 3 yellow borders surrounding every 10 blocks. She also has yellow limbs, and an array display, showing she's a super rectangle. Her face is similar to Three's but slightly bigger and she wears a yellow hat with 3 red balls on the points, which can be able to make a giant circus tent.

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Episode Appearances


====2D (22/18,946,775,782,611,174)====
Independent (7)
Component Only (11)
Pattern Wall (4)


  • Starting from Season 8, Thirty begins taking on a prominent role similar to Twenty, where she sometimes appears as the biggest multiple of ten. This is because the twenties are all figured-out.
  • She is the first super-duper rectangle to appear in the show having 8 factors.
    • However, she was never revealed to have eight arrays until Season 8, which is after Twenty-Four was introduced.