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The greatest show in Numberland!

— Thirty, multiple episodes

Thirty, or 30, is a Numberblock made up of 30 blocks.


Thirty is light-yellow with 30 blocks in 3 groups of 10. She has 3 yellow borders surrounding every 10 blocks. She also has yellow limbs and wears an array display, showing she's a super rectangle. Her face is similar to but bigger than Three's, where her eye-sockets are thinner and her mouth is much larger. She wears a yellow hat with 3 red balls on the points, which can be used to make a giant circus tent.


Thirty is the self-proclaimed "greatest show in Numberland", a title that surely rings true. As she is not only an entertainer but also a circus, she and her friends can put on a show for everybody within her magical hat. Between her talents and her supportive attitude, she is always bound to bring joy throughout Numberland.

Thirty is rather outgoing, taking joy in both entertaining others and entertaining with others. Her role of being a circus illustrates this well, as this allows her to perform with her friends in front of a large audience, such as in Thirty's Big Top and Circus of Threes. She is also very supportive of her friends, quick to compliment them for their skills and accomplishments. This shows notably in both Thirty's Big Top, where she had complimented Fifty and Five's chaotic final act, and in The Big One, where she praised the acrobatics of every number before her. Another moment Thirty's caring nature shows is in Too Many Threes, where she reaffirmed Three's importance once Three found out who the party was for. The input of others also seems to be important to her, as she only started calling herself "the greatest show in Numberland" after the Three Times Table preceded one of Thirty's appearances with this line in Circus of Threes. Overall, Thirty shows high amounts of self-confidence and seems to want to make sure her friends feel the same.

While Thirty seems to be supportive even when her friends are destructive, she doesn't seem to mindlessly be okay with any situation regardless of severity. She had shown concern over Three's absence in Too Many Threes and even indicated a more protective side of her when she defended a group of aliens from incoming asteroids in Heroes with Zeroes. Thirty's support for her friends seems to be about encouraging those around her and supporting their interests, as she doesn't seem to mind what they do as long as no harm is done. This nuanced mindset may indicate a subtle sense of maturity, especially with her protective nature in mind. Thirty tends to be very expressive, often using many gestures and poses to emphasize her meaning, such as when she introduces the circus in Thirty's Big Top. This not only reflects her fun nature but also further supports her outgoing personality, as she uses this to properly convey her point to those around her. She seems to have a particular passion for her various circus balls, either balancing on top of a single ball or juggling multiple balls at a time. Thirty overall takes her role as a circus performer to heart, often referencing things relating to it whether or not she is currently performing for others.

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====2D (18/18,946,775,782,611,174)====
Independent (7)
Component Only (11)


  • Starting from Season 8, Thirty begins taking on a prominent role similar to Twenty, where she sometimes appears as the biggest multiple of ten. This is because the twenties are all figured-out.
  • She is the first super-duper rectangle to appear in the show having 8 factors.
    • However, she was never revealed to have eight arrays until Season 8, which is after Twenty-Four was introduced.