Thirteen or 13 is a Numberblock made of 13 blocks.

He is voiced by Marcel McCalla.


Thirteen is made of ten white blocks and three yellow blocks. He has maroon eyes, lips, eyebrows, and limbs. He is mostly unlucky so he is the most unlucky numberblock in Numberland.

Prototype Design

Gabe Sotillo's original design of Thirteen is gray with blue eyes - one hexagonal and one heptagonal - blue lips, and light gray limbs.

SuperToysUniverse's original design of Thirteen is black with 8 spider-like limbs, like Eight. It has 3 rubber spiders on it. It even glows in the dark.

Finn's design is a dark orange with light orange limbs and he is unlucky and has a plaster on his face.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's original design has dark yellow blocks, brown limbs and lips, yellow diamond-shaped eyes, and a plaster on the top block.

TSRITW's design is a checkerboard magician. His top block is a top hat, and his pattern is always a checkerboard. He refers to himself as "The Great Thirtini".

MDZ’s design of 13 is orange with a block sticking up and is an unlucky number.

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Thirteen is brown with a sad face.

JJ Cooper's design of 13, is black on the outside (everywhere) and has red eyes. He's the evil block.



Fanart/Prototype Designs


  • He is Phantom Gaming PG's OC
  • Thirteen's numeral means:
    • 7 in Quaternary.
    • 9 in Senary.
    • 11 in Octal.
    • 15 in Duodecimal.
    • 19 in Hexadecimal.
      • In the hexadecimal system, the numeral for 13 is D.

He sounds like Marvin the Martian from Looney Toons.

  • Thirteen is the only Numberblock who still does not have a true main arrangement; his main arrangement constantly changes. Five's main arrangement is already shown, being vertical form.

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