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BZ-10.png The Wonderful Wizard of Az wants to MUNCH US, CRUNCH US, GOBBLE US UP!

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The Wonderful Wizard of Az is the fourth special episode of Learningblocks. This is the second Alphablocks special and the 93rd Alphablocks episode overall.


The Alphablocks go over the rainbow to the land of Az to meet the wonderful wizard.



Characters (in their order of appearance)

  • A (as Dorothy)
  • Z (as Oz, renamed Az)
  • P (as the narrator)
  • F (as a farmer)
  • R (as a farmer and a flying monkey)
  • M (as a munchkin)
  • D (as a flying monkey)
  • G
  • O (as Toto, renamed O O)
  • I (as the Tin Man)
  • E (as the Scarecrow)
  • C (as a flying monkey)
  • K (as a flying monkey)
  • W (as the Wicked W of the West)
  • S (as a flying monkey)
  • T (as a flying monkey)
  • N (as Uncle Henry and a munchkin)
  • U (as the lion)


  • AR
  • CK


  • Farm
  • Dog
  • Wicked
  • West
  • Far
  • Man
  • Men
  • Drip
  • Drop
  • Rip
  • Rap
  • Stuck
  • Stick
  • Stack
  • Wizard
  • Fan
  • Fun


  • Total words: 17
  • B, H, J, L, Q, V, X, and Y are absent in this episode.
  • C and K only appears as digraph CK in this episode.
  • The name of the episode is a parody of the American children's novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".[1]
    • This is the second time in the Learningblocks franchise where Wizard of Oz is referenced. The first was Flatland.
  • This is the second episode when W doesn't want his true identity and ends up crying after he makes things get ruined. The first is Web.
  • This is the only episode when W's laugh was screeched.
  • The logo just mentions it as "The Wizard of Az". This also might rename the episode.
  • When I raps, Six's theme from Numberblocks is played.