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The Twelve Days of Christmas is the fourth of the twelve[note 1] special episodes of Numberblocks. It is the 124th episode in the series overall.


It's the Numberblocks' version of the festive favourite – what could possibly go wrong?





  • This episode takes its name from the popular song, The Twelve Days of Christmas.
  • On the BBC schedule, there is a "4/12" between the episode name and description. This may mean that there will be twelve specials in the future.
  • The BBC schedule confirms that this episode is 15 minutes long as the next program comes on at 9:50.
  • This episode is the first Numberblocks special to be in Yellow Level 3.


  1. According to the CBeebies schedule, the episode was listed as "4/12", meaning it is the fourth special out of twelve specials.




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