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The Treasure of Hexagon Island is the first of twelve special episodes of Numberblocks. This is the 121st episode overall.


Get ready for a special pirate adventure as the Numberblocks set sail in search of treasure. They have to solve Captain Hexbeard's riddles to find it.



  • In the subtitles, in the line "You lend us a hand, now it's your turn to take ours", the word "turn" is missing.
    • Additionally, during the segment where Five helps Three, the subtitles misinterpret the word "yelp" as "yell". This is most likely a mistake as the world "yelp" fits in with the rhyme scheme of "help" and because Eight can be heard saying a "p" sound.


  • This episode's description used to show that it's a crossover with Alphablocks, but it was later removed.
    • This tweet from the Numberblocks Twitter confirms that the crossover idea was either scrapped or was a mistake.
  • This episode was put on iPlayer on Friday, a day before it is aired on TV.
  • This is the fourth episode with a unique credits scene. The first three were The Wrong Number, One Thousand and One, and 100 Ways to Leave the Planet.
  • Twenty-One is the only Numberblock in the episode to not be a number from 1-10.
  • Eight only appears as a cube in this episode.
    • This marks the first time where a Numberblock smaller than Twenty-Seven only appears as a 3D shape (with all coordinates being bigger than 1) in an episode.
  • On the YouTube upload of the special, meant for people overseas who want to watch it, the thumbnail unintentionally spoils Captain Hexbeard's true identity being Twenty-One.
  • Despite being a special, people still consider it as the 121st episode of the show.