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"I don't think I've seen The Terrible Twos before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the character(s), see The Terrible Twos (characters).

The Terrible Twos is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Numberblocks.


It's nighttime. The Numberblocks are going to sleep. Four cannot make up his mind whether he can stay up or go to sleep. Struggling, he remarks that he can't do both...

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The two Twos say that they can (do both). Four immediately reassembles, saying "Not you two!" Nonetheless, he can't keep himself together, splitting into the twos again. Mischievously, they introduce themselves as the Terrible Twos!

The Terrible Twos start by tickling One, causing her to laugh. Then they shout "BOO!". Frightened number One bounces on her bed. Next, the Terrible Twos tickle the normal Two. When they shout "BOO!", Two is frightened he separates into two Ones.

Next, the Terrible Twos try to tickle Three, but she wakes up quickly and juggles just before she gets tickled. When the Terrible Twos shout "BOO!", Three separates into three Ones. They chase the Terrible Twos to Four's bed. They shout "BOO!" to themselves, causing them to separate into four Ones.

One remains as one block.

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Numberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 4.svg

Nine other Ones turn back into Two, Three, and Four. Five wakes up and wonders what the noise was. Four explains that he was the Terrible Twos. The others think that he's joking and go back to bed.

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The Terrible Twos call out their name and shush to the camera.



  • When Four yawns and turns into the Terrible Twos, The Twos share four's limbs.