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The Team Factor is the thirteenth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 103rd episode overall.


Welcome to the Team Tag Arena for another exciting match! Who will be left standing?


  • All Numberblocks Two through Twenty-Four appear as contestants.
  • One appears as the host.


When a larger Numberblock is tagged by one of their divisors, the Numberblock splits into copies of the said divisors and joins their team. If by chance a Numberblock attempts to tag a number that they are not a factor of, they get a time-out.

"Can be tagged by" means that the numbers are proper divisors of the target Numberblock. Numbers in parentheses are Numberblocks that actually tagged the target in the episode.

"Can tag" refers to the multiples of the Numberblocks in question, as all multiples will split into copies of the tagger and join their team.

Numberblock Factorization Can be tagged by Can tag
NoIcon.PNG One (1) Appears as the host.
TFIcon2.PNG Two (2)
TFIcon3.PNG Three (3)
TFIcon4.PNG Four (4)
NoIcon.PNG Five (5)
TFIcon6.PNG Six (6)
TFIcon7.PNG Seven (7)
TFIcon8.PNG Eight (8)
TFIcon9.PNG Nine (9)
TFIcon10.PNG Ten (10)
NoIcon.PNG Eleven (11)
TFIcon12.PNG Twelve (12)
TFIcon13.PNG Thirteen (13) Cannot tag because its smallest multiple exceeds Twenty-Four (24).
TFIcon14.PNG Fourteen (14)
TFIcon15.PNG Fifteen (15)
TFIcon16.PNG Sixteen (16)
TFIcon17.PNG Seventeen (17)
TFIcon18.PNG Eighteen (18)
TFIcon19.PNG Nineteen (19)
TFIcon20.PNG Twenty (20)
TFIcon21.PNG Twenty-One (21)
TFIcon22.PNG Twenty-Two (22)
TFIcon23.PNG Twenty-Three (23)
TFIcon24.PNG Twenty-Four (24)

Note: Ten attempted to tag Twenty, but Twenty threw Twenty-One in front of himself, causing Ten to mistakenly tag the latter.


The following table shows the amount of copies a prime Numberblock (including themself) has after the Arena match.

Numberblock Copies Numberblock Copies
TFIcon2.PNG Two (2) (Winner) 27 TFIcon13.PNG Thirteen (13) 1
TFIcon3.PNG Three (3) 16 TFIcon17.PNG Seventeen (17) 1
NoIcon.PNG Five (5) 10 TFIcon19.PNG Nineteen (19) 1
TFIcon7.PNG Seven (7) 6 TFIcon23.PNG Twenty-Three (23) 1
NoIcon.PNG Eleven (11) 3


  • Numberblocks Twitter says that this episode teaches number factors (divisors).
  • Thirteen, Seventeen, Nineteen and Twenty-Three are the four numbers which could not tag or be tagged.
    • This is because they are prime, and their smallest multiples (26, 34, 38 and 46 respectively) exceed 24.
  • The title of this episode is based on the show: The X Factor.
  • When Eight is chasing Sixteen, it is a reference to Pac-Man.
    • This may be because they are powers of two. (8 =23, 16=24)
  • Five and Eleven are the only participating Numberblocks whose player card was never shown.
  • The number of ways each Numberblock can split until reaching prime numbers is equal to the number of factor (divisor) trees of that numberblock (A144757 in the OEIS)
    • All numbers in this episode have at most six ways of splitting, except Twenty-Four, which has 20.
    • Because of that, there are 2,764,800 possible ways ALL numberblocks 2-24 can split.
  • Despite Twenty-Five being figured-out prior to this episode, she was absent.
    • If she was present, she would only be tagged by Five, which does not affect the result of the episode.
  • Eight's player card notably has his Season 2 look, as seen on the picture to the right.
  • On YouTube, it is listed as the episode 14 instead of episode 13, and reads "Team Tag".


  • Fourteen's player card did not show Two as a divisor.
  • When Four tags Sixteen to split her, the resulting Four Fours don't wear their hats anymore.



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