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The Moon is a location and a planet in the Learningblocks franchise.


The Moon is the place where the Learningblocks visit in some episodes. The Moon can also be seen during night. It is also the home of some aliens.


In the Alphablocks episode "Moon", the Moon orbits Alphaland and is a brown colour, with several craters all over it. In the same episode, M eats the Moon causing an even bigger chunk to fall off, revealing it to have a red interior.

In Hey!, the Moon returns, and has the same design as in "Moon", but all the damage caused by M appears to be restored, as the Moon is whole again, and it appears also to be its true size.

In How Now Brown Cow, and other episodes taking place at night, the moon is a bright yellow colour, and lacks visual craters.

In the Numberblocks episodes, the moon is grey, like in real life, and is the same size as real life too.

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  • The Moon in the epilogical episode breaks the law of physics, and has properties that the real life Moon doesn't. In real life, it is impossible for the moon to be brown, for Alphaland to "turn into the Moon" with word magic, for M to eat the moon in under 10 seconds, for the moon to have a bigger chunk fall off it, for the Alphablocks to land from Alphaland to the moon in seconds, for a massive foot to show up on the moon, for a massive owl to show up at the moon, or for a massive boot to kick the moon out of orbit.
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