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The Many Friends of Twenty is the sixth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 96th episode overall.


Twenty enters the Pattern Palace to find out who his Twenty-friends are.



Ten represents her numberbonds, Twenty is sad that he doesn't know any of his own numberbonds, So Ten splits into Four and Six, Six brings Twenty to the pattern palace entrance and tells him to go all the way up. Twenty is confused because he can't open the entrance, So he figures out that since Ten can split into a square Four, and Six, and he's 10 more than Ten, he can split into Sixteen and Four to open it with their square power. It opens and they go inside, Twenty goes up the palace to find a rays track with a 2x1 ray that requests two riders, He splits into Eighteen and Two and they travel up the rays, When they get to the top they find a 4 ray track which neither Eighteen nor Two can do, So Twenty figures out he can be Twelve and Eight, which can both ride four-rays, so he does, and they continue to go up. Twenty finds a cup, inside are 4 dice, Six tells him that he has to roll Four 4s to proceed up, Twenty exclaims that he would have to be the luckiest number in Numberland to do that, Twenty realizes that he would need to make a Seven, He proceeds to split into Seventeen and Three, and Thirteen and Seven, Seven almost says Thirteen but Thirteen stops him from doing it, Thirteen says that this challenge is more for Seven than himself, Thirteen says to pretend he isn't there, Seven rolls Three 4s but Thirteen gets too excited and messes up the last roll into making the dice land on its side, Seven accidently says Thirteen and Thirteen splits into Ten and Three, Three bounces off and shakes the table into making the side dice land on Four, they procced on to the next challenge. Twenty finds a hand scanner and realizes he needs a Five, So he splits into Fifteen and Five, Then Five steps on Fifteens step shape to get to the hand scanner, she scans and they all move on to the next challenge. Twenty somehow switches gravity to stand on the next palace dice, There he find two high up red buttons, Twenty figures out he can split into Eleven and Nine to get to them, Nine sneezes a One and Eleven kicks a football (soccer ball if you live in the USA) up to the red buttons, The one and football (again, soccer ball if you live in the USA) hit the buttons, He completes the challenge. Then Six says if he sees the pattern or not, Twenty says he does, He says "My Twenty friends are the same as tens ten friends" he splits into two tens and they finish Twenty's sentence, "Plus another ten" after this, the two tens start to name the Twenty friends, after they are done, they combine into Twenty, Twenty sees that he is ten more that ten, So he can make two tens, Which blast of out of the pattern palace.


  • This marks the first appearance of Eleven through Twenty (except for Nineteen) in Season 7, since the first five episodes only had One through Ten.
  • This episode might also unlock the first time Twenty shapeshifts into different shapes.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the American 60's sitcom, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
  • This is the first time the inside of the Pattern Palace is seen.
  • When Eighteen said "No can do..." he sounded like a robot.
  • This episode is the first time Thirteen hears his name said (by Seven) without splitting into Ten and Three.
  • The Pattern Palace is in 1-6 form instead of 6-1.
  • On YouTube, it is listed as the episode 7 instead of the episode 6, and reads "Many Faces of Twenty".


  • When 12 appears and slides up the 4 rays, she has a gray mouth.



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