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The Lair of Shares is an episode in Season 6.


Can One and friends escape the Lair of Shares?



One and Two are greeted by a mage/sorcerer Six.

The sorcerer introduces the Lair of Shares, and says that the treasure goes to those who share. The door lifts open and One and Two go inside.

They find 2 lanterns. They share the lanterns, and enter the first room, which look like a mountain or cliff. They find the first door. One tries to open it, but she can't, because it is locked. Two spots a key above the door, but they can't reach it. They wonder how they can, but suddenly, Twelve appears, and goes by "The Genie of the Air".

The genie's challenge is for One and Two to share her 12 gems into 2 bowls, before the time runs out and the bird will head off with the key.

One and Two find 2 gems at a time, and put one gem in one bowl, and one gem in the other, all until there are 6 gems in each bowl, totaling to 12.

One and Two win the first key, and open the door to the next room. They both fall into the water while the Genie of the Air disappears. One and Two are sliding down the watery slide until they are at the next room, where they meet Three, and the next genie, "The Genie of Water" (Fifteen), who appears when a giant clam rises out of the lake and opens up, revealing the genie.

The genie of water's challenge is for One, Two and Three to share her 15 watery gems between 3 shells, and if the time runs out, the water will drain and a rubber duck holding the key will get sucked up into the bottomless plug hole.

The three brave Numberblocks collect three gems at a time, with one gem in each shell. They do this until there are 5 gems in each shell, totaling up to 15. They win the second key (and the rubber duck as well), and go through the second door.

They meet Four in a fiery room, where they meet the third genie, The Genie of Fire (Twenty), who rises out of the lava. His challenge is for Numberblocks 1-4 to share his 20 fiery gems between 4 chests, and they have until his toast is ready, and that the key is toast.

Four's idea is to make sure they find all 20 gems, so they lay the gems next to each chest to check. They found all but one gem, which One manages to find. The Genie of Fire explains that 20 gems shared between 4 chests is 4 lots of 5, as he splits into 4 Fives in the progress. They win the game.

In the final room, all 3 genies and the sorcerer are present. The sorcerer Six says "Gems of water, fire and air, enough for everyone to share".


  • Each of the genies share a factor.
    • Air and Water share the 3 factor
    • Water and Fire share the 5 factor
    • Fire and Air share the 4 factor.