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Terrible Twosday is an episode of Season 6.


Who can stop the invasion of The Terrible Twos?

This episode teaches kids about remainders.



Numberland is being invaded by the Terrible Twos, who are playing "How Many Twos", getting ready to mess around with the Numberblocks.

Back on Numberland, Five and Six are playing hopscotch, when all of the sudden the ships the Terrible Twos are piloting arrive, and their ships' factor beams set to divide into Twos. Six is caught in one of the Terrible Two's factor beam, scaring Five as she hides in a bush to evade capture. She witnesses Six being divided into three Twos. The three Twos attempt to add back up, but it doesn't work. Five soon decides to head off for help.

Meanwhile, Fourteen is skateboarding, when the Terrible Twos suddenly come in. Eight attempts to protect him; unfortunately, his attempt to protect him is fruitless, as they instead both get divided into Twos (Eight into 4 Twos, and Fourteen into 7 Twos).

The Terrible Twos soon proceed to go after Seventeen next, who proceeds to make a painting of their ships. While Seventeen is distracted, the blue Terrible Two proceeds to try and split him into eight Twos. Unfortunately, there's a remainder of One, which causes his ship to malfunction and crash. The blue Terrible Two tries to locate the Reset Switch. While distracted, Five takes the opportunity to hijack it, setting its factor to five.

Five has a hard time trying to use it, accidentally dividing Ten into two Fives and picking up Seventeen on accident. The ship tries to divide Seventeen into Fives; however, the result is 3, with a remainder of 2. Five soon learns that the factorization beam wasn't meant to take any kind of remainder in mind; if there are any blocks that can't be divided by the pilot's number, the division will fail, and the entire ship will possibly malfunction and crash. Upon landing, she ponders on how to stop them- turns out, the only Numberblock that can divide Two is One, due to leaving no remainders behind. Five proceeds to split into Four and One. One pilots the ship, and proceeds off to stop them.

This works, and they are divided into Ones. Unfortunately enough, the effects from the factor beam wears off on them, as they soon retreat from Numberland in their ships.


Remainders are what are left from dividing a number that isn't divisible by the divisor. For example, 17 divided by 2 would give you 8 R1, while dividing it by 5 would give you 3 R2. Since all whole numbers are made of many 1s, 1 is capable of dividing any number without leaving remainders.


  • There's a teeny tiny error where "Octoblock, shield!" is loaded in by the subtitles as "Auto block, shield!".
  • Eighteen is the biggest number in this episode. Concerning primes, Seventeen is the biggest.
  • Eight saying "I've dealt with the Terrible Twos before" is a reference to Octoblock to the Rescue!
  • Speaking of which, upon the blue Terrible Two being divided into Ones, they proceed to say "Bah!", then "Double bah!" when they land. This is likely a reference to the normal Two's "Ah! Another me! Double ah! Another another me!" line from the Terrible Twos' eponymous debut episode, when the normal Two saw the Terrible Twos.
  • This is the third episode which takes "only one can 'X'" literally, seeing as One stopped the Terrible Twos single handed. This is also the only time where where it's not even mentioned by a character.
  • Despite being an episode about remainders, it comes before Divide and Drive. This is likely because the division sign wasn't used in this episode.
  • Eight is the only Numberblock to be shown back in to his normal self after the Terrible Twos got divided. Meanwhile, Eighteen is the only divisible Numberblock who manages to successfully escape them (Ten escaped them as well, but couldn't get past Five, although Five's dividing was an accident).
  • When pink Terrible Two says "How many twos is too many twos, amigo?" the word "amigo" is Spanish language, meaning "friend".
  • Three, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Thirteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Nineteen, and Twenty are absent in this episode.