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This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Ten (episode).

Ten, or 10, is a Numberblock that is made up of 10 blocks. She debuts in the episode with the same name. She can turn herself into a rocket and fly into space. She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


10 is made of ten white blocks with a red border. She has star-shaped red eyes and pink lips. She has dark red limbs and wears two white gloves in her hands. Sometimes her 1-block outlines disappear, which makes her a 10-block. (This also occurs to Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen in the episode On Your Head.)

Episode Appearances

Total number of appearances: 82 + 1 (incl. pictures)

Fanmade Designs

Has its own page.


Ten can make an assortment of shapes. She can be vertical. She can also be a 2x5, 5x2, triangular or horizontal. She can also make more than 30,000 other shapes.

2D (96/36,446)

3D (2)


  • 10 is usually seen arranged vertically and aligned 2x5. The only time she is arranged in a triangle (1+2+3+4) is in her eponymous episode Ten, the episodes Building Blocks, Step Squads, Steps Versus Squares, and One Giant Step Squad.
  • In the intro and some episodes, 10 stays standing vertically when she should be aligned 2x5 since she is a composite Numberblock. However, it is possible that the purpose of her often standing vertically is to show that she is the biggest Numberblock out of the first ten, or a whole unit,
  • . These are the following episodes where she is the only composite Numberblock to stay arranged vertical:
    • Theme song (Ten out of Ten version)
    • Blast Off
    • The Three Threes
    • Numberblocks Castle
    • Ten Green Bottles
    • Numberblobs
    • Peekaboo!
    • What's the Difference?
    • Five and Friends
  • Her voice actor, Teresa Gallagher, also voices 0, 6, 15, 28, 60 and 10,000.
    • Her voice actor also voices:
      • Some female Alphablocks in Alphablocks
      • Darzi (Disney's The Jungle Book)
      • Dashi (Octonauts)
      • Nicole Watterson (Cartoon Network's The Amazing World Of Gumball)
      • Egbert (Poppy Cat)
      • Noddy (Noddy in Toyland)
      • Miss Chatterbox, Miss Daredevil, Miss Naughty (Season 2), and Miss Whoops (UK Version of The Mr. Men Show)
      • Emily, Rosie, Belle, Mavis, Annie, Clarabel (UK Version of Thomas & Friends)
      • Lucy Selby (Postman Pat The Movie)
      • Mater's Computer (Disney's Cars 2)
      • The Tiddlytubbies(Teletubbies)
  • 10 and 5 are similar in some ways.
    • They both wear gloves, but 5 has only one glove, while 10 has two gloves.
    • They both come after a square number.
    • They are both the biggest number in their respective seasons.
  • 10 and 55 are also similar in some ways.
    • They are both step squads.
    • They both can be a rocket.
    • When you raise your two palms, it may refer to 10 in some cultures and 55 in other ones.
  • 10's numeral means:
    • 2 in Binary.
    • 3 in Ternary.
    • 4 in Quaternary.
    • 5 in Quinary.
    • 6 in Senary.
    • 7 in Septary.
    • 8 in Octal.
    • 9 in Nonary.
    • 11 in Undecimal.
    • 12 in Dozenal.
      • In the Dozenal system, the numeral for 10 is a different symbol and is named "dek" and looks like an upside down 2, sometimes written as X.
    • 15 in Pentadecimal.
    • 16 in Hexadecimal.
      • In the hexadecimal system, the numeral for 10 is A.
    • 20 in Vigesimal.
  • 10 somewhat resembles red pencil sweets, except the direction is different.
  • A notable change in Season 3 is that her helmet becomes red.
  • The main reason why Ten doesn't resemble One thoroughly except for the colours is because she doesn't have "One" in her name. If she was called "One Ten" or "Onety", she would resemble One more.
  • She is the first power of ten to not be a square, the others are One Thousand, One Hundred Thousand, Ten Million, and One Billion.
  • In one of the bedtime episodes, Ten is the only one to put the bedtime book away during the end of a bedtime story.
  • It is shown that she can understand Morse code, as seen in Heroes With Zeroes.
  • The website's description of Ten is: "Numberblock Ten is simply amazing. She’s got two numberlings, a 1 and a 0. She’s got two starry eyes with ten points and two big hands so she can count to ten on her fingers. And she can turn into a rocket and blast off into space by counting down from 10."[2]

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