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Ten's Top Ten is the third episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 93rd episode overall.


Ten presents a rundown of the top hit songs in Numberland.



There is no real story despite this episode teaching about the number bonds from One to Ten.


  • According to Numberblocks Twitter, this episode teaches "number bonds to 6 to 10".
  • When 6~10 sings their top hits, they were singing to the instrumentals of That's How I Roll, Lucky Number Seven, Octoblock, and That's Why You're Square Like Me from the episodes Six, Seven, Eight and Nine respectively. Ten's song's instrumental is from the episode Ten Again.
    • The instrumental of the song from the Alphablocks episode Thing is also played when Ten introduces Ten's Top Ten.
    • The instrumental of the Fab song from the Alphablocks episode Band is also played during Three's brief song.
  • This is the second appearance of Octonaughty, the first one being Octoblock to the Rescue!.
  • This is the second time Numberblocks teaches about number bonds to 7, 8 and the third time to 10 the first to teach number bonds to 6 and 9.
  • This is the third use of the comic book style in an episode. The first and second were Now We Are Six To Ten and Octoblock to the Rescue! respectively.
  • When Nine sung his part, he was singing on the stage from Fifteen's Minute of Fame.
  • The Numberblock Stadium and Peekaboo Rooms returned when Three and Four are showing their number bonds.
  • Many people thought that the seven Sevens may include figured-out 49, but it turns out that it is number bonds to 7.
  • This is the second time Nine hiccupped, the first being Hiccups.



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