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Ten's Place, nicknamed Three's Place or Thirteen's Place, is a gym located in Numberland. It is owned by Ten and the other Numberblocks exercise here.


First floor

The first floor has a wooden floor, a wall that is half-white, half-grey, and 2 doors (left is the enterance door, while on the right is the exit door) on the back, there are a pair of 5x2 windows (left to right) there is also a cabinet with 10 drawers with a trophy on top, 3 ladders, and 3 balls behind the cabinet (on the left there is a big red ball, while on the right, there are 2 balls, one medium-sized, one small sized) on the back, there are the Numberblocks 1-5 colors if you see from slighty right.

Second floor

The second floor contains fences from left to right, there are also springs in the colors of Numberblocks 1-5. there are also the colors of Numberblocks 1-5 on the floor, but slightly on the right. there are also 2 potted plants on the left, while 1 on the right.

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