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Alphablocks episodes

Hello, Alphablocks! (Season 1)

A to Z! We're the Alphablocks!, E's Busy Day!, T on Top of The Hill!, Y's New Discovery!, C and K's Big Escape!, Night at Alphaland!, Assembling The Band!, Band Disbands!, A Party to Settle! How to Solve This?, Cha!! Dancing Letters!, V and the Alphabet Race!, Two Os on the Moon, The Challenge of Words!, Going after the Sunset! Sailing for Bedtime!, The UFO has Landed Alphaland!, Let's Make a Sentence! The Alphablocks Gather!, Don't Break a Surprise!, The Ongoing Bus That Never Stops!, The Letters Stuck in Space!, Hide and Seekers!, Q and U and... That Thing?, R's Treasure Hunt Adventure!, J Dreams to Fly! Can I Be a Bird?, Letters and Notes, Phonics and Music!, Z's Dreams, E's Alter Ego! I'm Magic E!

Alphablocks on The Go! (Season 2)

T and the Fauce- I Mean, Taps!, I and N, Which is the Most Important?, Chase that Gingerbread Man!, D makes Noise, The Reformation of Din!, Alphablocks and The Dog!, Alphablocks and The Cat!, The Talking Pen, U and P Going Up! U's Most Unfair Day!, Keep Going R! The Spirit of The Nice Pirate, The Chicken and The Egg and The Letters!, B and D's Sibling Rivalry! Time to Apologize!, Alien Fred! What Did You Say?, Top of The Tallest Hill! Double Lettering!, J's Flying Dream Came True!, Z's Big Z's, Dotless I, L and the 5 Tiring Vowels, Wonder /w/!, Let's Put Up a Show!, Q and U, Let's Make it Quick!, Alphablocks Football Game!, O's Love Interest, Jumping by The Rainbow, Putting on a Show! The Entire Alphablocks Gang's Letter Sounds!, The Alphablocks Alphabet Song, Cat Rhymes!

Lead the Way, Alphablocks! (Season 3)

U's Wish, Will it Bloom?, Alphablocks and The Snowman!, Running Vowels!, T's Tip Top Tea Party!, A Poet! The Story of the Little Red N!, The Alphaland Coloring Book!, Another Poet! Frog! Dog! Hog and The Bog!, T and S! S's Accidents!, Alpha-Fitness!, The Other Side of Alphaland, The Teams on the Word Rush!, N and G and Song to Sing!, T and H's Gadget! What is This For Anyways?, Letters on The Train, Robot Buddy Going Beep-Beep!, The Alphaland Trapeze!, M and The Giant Frog, Story Book Blank, Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat in The Fiddle! And What's Next?, Putting on a Magic Show!, Reach to The End! The Annual Alphaland Letter-thon!, Animals at The Night, O's Birthday! The Amazing Fun Fair!, N's Picnic Gone Troublesome!, Letters and The Invisble Ink, Bam! Bash!! Crash!!! Be Careful A!

Forever Alphablocks! (Season 4)

The Four Letter Words!, Changing Words Rhyme by Rhyme!, A and The Magical Clown Nose, Plusman's Compound Adventures!, Chase the Letters, The Vowels Sings! Remember Her Name!, The Vowels Sings! E's Day Off, The Vowels Sings! I Can Only Say I!, The Vowels Sings! /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/!, The Vowels Sings! U's Truth, I the Police Cop, The Birthday Party! The Alphablocks Meets the Girl!, Yee-haw! The Alphablocks Meets the Boy!

Spell it Out, Alphablocks! (Opening Theme 1)

Spellin' B (Opening Theme 2)

Wonderfulblocks (Ending Theme 1)

Today's the Dictionary! Song of The Alphablocks (Ending Theme 2)

Hidden Words with Magic E!

Fouth Wall Interference with Y!