Teddy is an object in Numberblocks.


Teddy has brown felt, a muzzle with a dark brown nose and one button eye. It has 2 stubby arms and legs, with light pink feet, as well as 2 brown and pink ears.

Episode Appearances

Teddy was first seen in the episode "Heist", where Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty go to grab the Golden Infinity, although they were going to retrieve Teddy instead. Twenty says that One cannot sleep without her teddy.

It was seen again in the episode "One Thousand and One".

Total appearances: 2


  • Although it was said that One can't sleep without it, One is seen sleeping perfectly with no teddy in sight in 4 episodes. This could be plausible, since One's teddy wasn't seen until Heist.
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