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Arthur Somlev's Tau


2Pi or Tau is an upcoming Numberblock with 6.28 or 2xPi blocks.

Arifmetix's design of Tau: He is indigo with maroon eyebrows of 6.2 blocks because Tau is equal to 6.2. He is two Pi's stacked on top of each other.

Design #2: The same as the first, but royal blue with sky blue lips, limbs and eyebrows.

Punchcar63's design of Tau: He is navy blue with darker blue arms and grey legs. He has a grey moustache and wears a silver monocle and a fedora hat. He only has 6 teeth and looks like Alphablock T.


Numberblocks Animation - What's Pi + Pi?

Numberblocks Animation - What's Pi + Pi?

Pi and Tau play a prank on Four! Find out what 2 lots of Pi is.

Numberblocks Instrumental - You'll Have Twice as Much Pi with Tau (incomplete)

Numberblocks Instrumental - You'll Have Twice as Much Pi with Tau (incomplete)

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