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Steps Versus Squares is the seventh episode of Season 8 of Numberblocks. This is the 112th episode in the series overall.


The annual Steps vs Squares treasure hunt doesn't quite go to plan when a new Numberblock joins in.



  • This was the first time a compound Numberblock is figured-out offscreen.
  • This was the third time that Blocky Mountain appeared, the first as The Legend of Big Tum, the second being Numberblock Rally.
  • This was the second time that a Robot Guard appeared.
  • This was the second time that One has appeared with square eyes; the first such appearance was in Square Club.
  • When Four says "Four on the Floor", he's alluding to a later Season 8 episode, Four on the Floor.
  • When 25 splits into 15 and 10, the steps know that they are 25 (this was also shown in Too Many Threes), but when 10 and 15 later add up to 25, 25 remarks "No, squares are the best!", which implies that 25 doesn't quite know who she should be rooting for (in this scenario).


  • When the Step Squads look to Three for their trophy pieces, Ten's face goes lower, like with 15, 21 or 28.
  • In one scene, 16, 28 and 15 had no pupils.



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