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In some Alphablocks episodes, Alphablocks can spell out words while mentioning them, without actually doing word magic. If one looks closely, they sometimes can even be spelling out words in secret, due to positions.

List of Appearances


Series 1

  1. Bee: In the first verse of the song, ME, MET, and YET are spelled out, corresponding to the lyrics.
  2. Why: HUG, WIN, YELLOW, and YACHT are made, with Alphablocks arranged to spell out those words. They might not be counted stealth words because the Alphablocks glowed, indicating word magic. A true stealth word, FLY, appeared at the end of the fantasy, and was made later in the episode.
  3. Party: A, P, R, T, and Y are positioned to spell out "PARTY". During the song, the words, "FIX", "MIX", "FLEX", "OX" and "FOX" are spelled out. While X is about to leave, "EXIT" is spelled out.
  4. Cha Cha Cha: H jumps over O and P, spelling out "HOP". Then, CH and A spell out "CHA."
  5. Alphalympics: A, E, M, and T come in and position themselves to show that they are a "TEAM". W, I, and N also spells out WIN, T, E, A, M, and S also spells out TEAMS after team 3 wins.
  6. Sail: B, E, and D are in a BED.
  7. Bus: T, O, and P spells out TOP. T and O said "TO!" because they spelled it out.
  8. Space: The Alphablocks changes positions to spell out "ESCAPE", but they didn't realize that and ignore that idea.
  9. Hide: P, EE, K, and S make PEEKS.
  10. Quiet: QU, I, and T make QUIT.
  11. Map: F, A, S, and T make FAST while going really fast. Also, FAR is spelled out when they see the island.
  12. Note: N says "NOT for me" while being next to O and T.
  13. Zzzzz: B, U, and G are riding a BUG.

Series 2

  1. Dog: When T says "What have we got here?", the Alphablocks are spelling out GOT.
  2. Fred: If you look closely, E and T are actually spelling out the acronym "EXTRATERRESTRIAL". And E, A, and T spell EAT.
  3. Hill: Before B, T, and U left the tub, they spelled out "TUB".
  4. Lips: When L was singing a lullaby to A, they spelled out "LA".
  5. Web: B, O, and G are stuck in a BOG.
  6. Box: The Alphablocks spell out "TRIED" before going into random gibberish.
  7. Quick: A, I, N, O, and P push a piano, later arranging themselves to spell "PIANO" out.
  8. Rainbow: The words WET, RUN, and FUN are stealthily made at the beginning. Later, D, G, L, and O line themselves up to spell "GOLD".
  9. ABC: B, U, and S hop off a BUS.

Series 3

  1. Little Red N: The Alphablocks first spell out "HEN", referencing the fairy tale parodied in this episode.
  2. Dots: When N, R, and U were running into the screen at the start of the episode, they spelled out "RUN". Also, CAN we help?
  3. Best: When T said "LOT" and S said "SLOT", they actually formed those words.
  4. Book: K and O said "OK" because they spelled it out.
  5. How Now Brown Cow: W and OW said "WOW!" because they spelled it out. Also, Brown Cow will now take a BOW!
  6. Ants: When N snaps S, A, and T, they spelled out “SAT”.
  7. Ink: D, O, LL, and S are seen playing with DOLLS.
  8. Hey!: S tells OO, and N that they’ll SOON sort this out.

Series 4

  1. Four: B, A, and N spell out "BAN" when they try to ban D from the band.
  2. Prank: R, U, and N said "RUN!" because they spelled it out. Also, when T says he needs a PLAN, he walks in front of P, L, A, and N; and - Oh look! T splits up and his copies stand on each side of U, spelling out T's iconic noise: "TUT"!
  3. Alphabet: When F, R, S, and U come back from surfing, one can see them spell out "SURF".


  1. Band Together: B, A, and N spell out "BAN" after D left. Later, "N" and "O" spell out "NO" & R, A, and D spell out "RAD". The words "ROCK", "POP", "BOP", and "SOCKS" spelled out, during the end of episode.
  2. Letters to Santa: When the Alphablocks sing "FA-LA-LA-LA-LA, LA-LA-LA-LA.", the words FA and LA are spelled out. Later, the words JOY, REST, YUM, HELP, TOO, STAN, and HO are spelled out.
  3. Making Friends: When P perches upon I, they spelled the word 'Pi', aka 3.14 in numbers.


  1. Tween Scenes: We can see blocks with F, N, and U's face arranged in an order to say FUN.


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