In Alphablocks episodes, if one looks closely, Alphablocks can be spelling out words in secret, due to positions, not actually spelling it.

List of Appearances

  • Series 1
    • Why: HUG, WIN, YELLOW, and YACHT are made, with Alphablocks arranged to spell out those words.
    • Party: A, P, R, T, and Y are positioned to spell out "PARTY". Also, "EXIT".
    • Alphalympics: A, E, M, and T come in and position themselves to be obvious that they're a "TEAM".
    • Space: The Alphablocks changes positions to spell out "ESCAPE".
    • Cha Cha Cha : H jumps over O and P, spelling out "HOP".
    • Sail: B, E and D are in a bed, arranging themselves to spell "BED".
  • Series 2
    • Fred: If you look closely, E and T are actually spelling out "EXTRATERRESTRIAL". And E, A, and T Spell eat.
    • Hill: Before B, T, and U left the tub, they spelled out "TUB".
    • Box: The Alphablocks spell out "TRIED" before going into random gibberish.
    • Quick: A, I, N, O, and P push a piano, later arranging themselves to spell "PIANO" out.
    • Rainbow: The words WET, RUN, and FUN are stealthily made at the beginning. Later, D, G, L, and O line themselves up to spell "GOLD".
  • Series 3
    • Little Red N: The Alphablocks first spell out "HEN", referencing the fairy tale parodied in this episode.
    • Best: When T said "LOT" and S said "SLOT", they actually formed those words.
    • Ants: When N snaps S, A, and T, they spelled out “SAT”.
  • Series 4
    • Alphabet: When F, R, S, and U come back from surfing, one can see them spell out "SURF".
    • Prank: Oh look! T splits up and his copies stand on each side of U, spelling out T's iconic noise: "TUT"!
  • Numberblocks
    • Tween Scenes: We can see F, N, and U blocks arranged in an order to say FUN.


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