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"I don't think I've seen Square Club (place) before!"Four
This page is about the place. For the episode, see Square Club.

Square Club is a location in Numberland. The club first appears in the episode with the same name. The Square Club (including One, Four, Nine, and Sixteen) host meetings periodically within this location.


It is a meeting room within Numberland featuring square furniture and decorations. Various games and activities are hosted within Square Club, such as rock-paper-squares. The room is able to detect round figures and objects, triggering an alarm and red lights, as round things break the rules of Square Club.



The exterior is greenish white, it has a purple door with a red block in the center with a square doorknob, there are two purple-outline windows on the front and back.


Portraits of its members (Four, Nine, Sixteen, and later One) can be seen hung up next to the entrance of the room with purple picture frames, along with a whiteboard. Mirroring the trampolines and stamps shown in Stampolines, there are four posters hung up to the side for members to mark their squares in. In the middle of the room, a square table with chairs is set up for meals.


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