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Snowman is the second episode of Season 3 of Alphablocks. This is the 54th episode in the series overall.


It's snowing! The Alphablocks whip up a wondrous winter wonderland, but can they get Mr Snowman to the North Pole before he melts?


The episode begins when A falls from the sky and lands on a cloud. Suddenly, she falls through, creating snow. Meanwhile on the ground, M wishes there is something to eat. He sees some snowflakes and eats them. But N doesn't believe him. A drops to the ground and snow starts to fall. N finally believes M. All three roll snowballs.

m-a-n, MAN!

A snowman appears. F and U come to them.

f-u-n, FUN!

Lights and trees decorate the scene as Alphablocks sing about the snow. S and U go sledging, but they bump into N.

s-u-n, SUN!

A sun appears to melt the snow and the snowman!

What will the Alphablocks do?


  • BAN - The Alphablocks go on strike.
  • CAN - C uses a can to catch the snowman's drips, but it's no use.
  • FAN - A fan appears to keep him cool, but it blows the snowman away.
  • MAN - Another snowman appears, but melts quickly.
  • PAN - P uses a pan to block the sunlight, but it's no use.
  • TAN - The snowman gets a tan.
  • VAN (star word) - An ice cream van appears. V puts the snowman in the back of the van. M, N, and V drive him to the North Pole. But when they open the back door, he's finally melted. They forgot to switch on the freezer! E comes to help.

m-e-n, MEN!

Many snowmen appear!

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • Man
  • Fun
  • Sun
  • Fan
  • Tan
  • Pan (game only)
  • Can (game only)
  • Ban (game only)
  • Van
  • Men


  • Song: It's Snowing
  • Total words: 7
  • D, G, H, J, K, L, O, Q, R, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
    • Another common "-an" word family word is RAN, but R doesn't appear in this episode because she's too piratey.
  • B and P don't speak in the TV version.
  • O is the only vowel who did not appear in this episode.