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"You can't just sing any old thing!"S
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Sky High Fives is the tenth episode of Season 8 and the 115th episode overall.


Five gets ready to perform at the Tower of Rock.



  • This is the first Times Table episode that comes directly after another Times Table episode.
  • This marks the twelfth time One is absent and the tenth time Two is absent.
  • This also marks the third time Three is absent; the previous 2 being Snow Day Doubles and Four on the Floor.
  • This is the third appearance of Thirty-Five and Forty-Five, first being Fifty, and the second being The Big One.
    • This is also their first figured-out appearance.
    • In a technical standpoint not including Thirty-Six, starting with this episode, all Numberblocks may be figured out.
  • This episode also remarks some lines on previous episodes, such as "The greatest show in Numberland".
  • Five's line "Oh yes, high five!" was reused from What's My Number? at the end.
  • This is the second episode where 15 was called “slightly odd,” after Circus of Threes, and the first time she noticed it.
  • This is the debut of The Five Times Table.
    • She is also the first times table to rotate her face to normal during the sideways part before adding ten Fives into Fifty.
  • This is the first time new Numberblocks debut without them being the biggest number(s). The second time is Square on the Moon.
  • For some reason, when Five first plucks the strings, the guitar sounds horrible, but the second time, the sound was extremely clear.
    • This is probably an act to show the line, "But am I good enough?"


  • When the Five Times Table was doing the multiples on 50's floor, 10's face looked smaller.
  • When Five did the first guitar swing, her glove was missing.
  • As seen in the Numberblocks YouTube video thumbnail (below), Fifty's left Ten border is missing.
  • Everyone except 50 is seen without legs in the sideways part.



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