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Sixty-Four, or 64, is a Numberblock made up of 64 blocks. She is an 8 by 8 square, and a 4 by 4 by 4 cube.

Sixty-Four first appeared in The Big One as a compound Numberblock, then in More to Explore, Eight draws Sixty-Four on the grid in the square temple.


Sixty-Four has 60 light indigo blocks and 4 lime blocks with purple borders. On the back of her blocks, she has a black and white chessboard. She has square eyes for being a square, and thick eyebrows like Nine. Her eyes, mouth and eyebrows are blueish purple and her limbs are purple. Despite being a super-rectangle, she doesn't have an array display.


In Double Back, she was shown to be talkative.

Episode Appearances

  • Total: 4 + 1 drawing (figured-out) 1 (compound)


Official Images


====2D (4/???)====
Figured-Out (4)

3D (2)


Has its own page.


  • Sixty-Four is the so far only Numberblock in the 60s to appear shown in her figured-out form.
  • Even though she has 7 factors, she doesn't have an array display. This is most likely an error while making her rig, as it is stated in her debut that she's a super rectangle.
    • It is conjectured that the absence of the array display is likely because of the criteria for the rig just misses numberblocks who has exactly 7 factors, and the criteria is perhaps like follows: “Super Rectangle” for those with 6 factors, and “Super Duper Rectangle” for those with at least 8 factors, and thus the “Sixth-powers” might be missed.
  • The actual Sixty-Four has eyebrows, unlike her drawing in More to Explore.
  • Sixty-Four is the only figured-out Numberblock to have 7 factors.
  • She shows an interest in technology because 64 had a role in that field.
  • She is shown to be talkative in Double Back.