Sixteen or 16 is a Numberblock made of 16 blocks.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers.


She has 10 red-bordered white blocks and 6 indigo blocks. Her limbs are dark indigo. She has purple eyes and a purple mouth, but mainly her eyes slightly resemble Twelve's, though more square.


She is a party starter, and is very excitable, especially when it comes to squares. She speaks in a West-Country accent like Four. 


Prototype Designs

Punchcar63's original design for Sixteen is female and in four different shades of purple. She would have the same face as either Four or Nine but with eyelashes.

TSRITW's design is like that but green and no eyelashes. According to TSRITW, 16 likes flushing heads down the latrine and easing her way with sour cream, a reference to YDKJ.

Arifmetix's design is purple but has one long eyelash on each eye, and has eyebrows of 4 blocks.

His second design, however, is male, follows the official colour pattern, has a black bowtie and indigo square eyes, and thick eyebrows.

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Sixteen is the same as MDZ’s.

Hawada666's First Design of sixteen is red, yellow, green, and blue. he has 4's face.

MDZ‘s 1st design is 4 shades of blue and is a square (4x4). His 2nd design is white with red and indigo with dark green (even though they are purple in the picture) limbs. They were fixed in the newer version

Hayden’s Sixteen is a super hero and is a huge fan of Octoblock.

EPICDRAGON7778's Sixteen has Shoes like 15 but Ten and Six Coloured Shoes

Tungster's Sixteen is a video gamer with 2 8's called doublepus's.

Tungster's New Sixteen is called centiblock and is male, he loves squares and round things at the same time, including pi and four. he has 8 arms and 8 legs making 16 limbs

Stikbot1992's Sixteen, like many other prototype designs of Sixteen, loves video games and is white, red, and indigo, but with purple limbs.

sally's sixteen is female, she is mamatecolote as a numberblock

Hawada666's second design of sixteen is the same as the first design, but has 10 and 6's blocks.

ComboPandaFan7's Design of 16 is a Super (12 (rays) and 8 (hero)) square. when she's standing 4x4 (square), she sneezes out a 4 in the middle, turning to a 12 in donut form.

TikTakToeGuy's deign of 16 likes to be a square. She also likes dancing, but she has the same sneezing problem as 9.

AHT's (AwesomeX05) first design is indigo with red borders with purple limbs. His second design has 10 white blocks in a U-shape with 6 blocks in the middle, making a square. It has red eyebrows and eyelids, purple limbs, and a pink mouth. His third design is similar to his second but with the face moved down and limbs red.

NoibatYayya's design has 10 red & white blocks followed by 6 indigo blocks. He has teal limbs and a baby blue mouth.

GuacamoleTacos' design is similar to most people, however, she likes singing, is a super rectangle and a square, is on a superhero team with 8 and 12, and is very exciting.


Fanart/Prototype Designs


  • Sixteen's numeral means:
    • 14 in Octal.
    • 18 in Duodecimal.
    • 22 in Hexadecimal.
    • 26 in Vigesimal.
      • In the vigesimal system, the numeral for 16 is G.
  • It was confirmed on Twitter that Sixteen is female in March 2019. This marks the first time a Numberblock gender was confirmed before people would call Sixteen a Male, judging the fact that Blockzilla, Zero, and Eleven were first confused that.
  • Sixteen is the second/third square to not have eyebrows.
  • The Square Root Squad of Sixteen looks very similar to Punchcar63's Barbershop Fours. The reason is unknown.
  • She is currently the only Numberblock who was never shown in their vertical configuration.
  • She is capable of sneezing out a Four and becoming Twelve, similarly to Nine sneezing out a One and becoming Eight. However, she does not actually sneeze it out; instead she blasts a chunk of her head out.

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