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Seventy, or 70, is a Numberblock made up of 70 blocks.


70 is rainbow like Seven, he has 10 light red blocks, 10 orange blocks, 10 yellow blocks, 10 light green blocks, 10 blue blocks, 10 indigo blocks and 10 mauve blocks. His hair has the same colour as his single-digit counterpart's hair, the only difference is that 70 has rainbow limbs and a array display (8 factors). He has a black numberling on top of him (70).

Episode Appearances



Seventy is 7 tens, he was only seen as 7x10 in the show.

2D (3/)


  • Seventy is the smallest Numberblock to have light red blocks.
  • The main reason why Seventy's red Ten blocks aren't white like Ten is primarily because it needs to fit in with the other 6 tens, which are lighter shades of the rainbow.
  • As of Season 8, 70 is the smallest figured-out Numberblock debuting before all of their divisors have been figured-out.
  • He is the first and only Numberblock so far who has never made non-rectangular arrangements anywhere.
    • However, if the intermediate arrangements seen for one frame during rearrangement doesn't count, then Fifty is the first.