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"I don't think I've seen Seventeen (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Seventeen (episode).

I can also paint portraits, but I paint seventeen!

— Seventeen

Seventeen, or 17, is a Numberblock made of 17 blocks. He is voiced by David Holt.

He is a painter Numberblock with artistic passion for painting 17 of everything.


Seventeen is made of 10 white blocks and 7 blocks falling in the color of a rainbow. He has dark purple limbs, eyes, and lips. He is covered with various paint splatters on his ten block, matching the rainbow colors of his seven block.

He is commonly shown to be carrying around a wooden paintbrush and palette, often tucking the paintbrush behind his "ear".


Seventeen has an intense passion and talent for painting, having the ability to paint objects and other portraits in seconds. He is both reckless and ambitious, discarding all sense of rationality in favor of painting, being quick to delve into painting rather than paying attention to the setting around him. As a result, he is shown to be rather ignorant and heedless, discarding the emotions of others and even his own well-being in order to paint. He also pays little attention to chaotic and messy situations, instead causing ruckuses himself.

When separated from painting, however, Seventeen is shown to be far more considerate and empathetic, focusing more on his own anxieties in particularly distressful situations that is normally discarded for his artistic talent. He is also shown to be frustrated with his own impulsive desires for painting, displaying even hopelessness when he is unable to control his own behavior. Seventeen, however, is also quick to spring back into his normal, hobby-centric mindset once he receives support and inspiration, further emphasizing his head-strong personality.

Seventeen's subjects in his paintings typically vary from living creatures to scenery. He is also shown to be typically restricted to painting seventeen of everything, struggling to paint singular or other numerical amounts of objects in his art. He is also shown to have the ability to bring his own portraits to life, including living creatures and other Numberblocks.

Episode Appearances


  • Seventeen makes various allusions to real-life artists in his debut.
  • Although he (and all other Numberblocks) lacks visible ears, the "Numberblocks Annual 2021" book quotes his paintbrush is kept behind an "ear".


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