Seventeen, or 17, is a Numberblock made of 17 blocks.

he is voiced by David Holt.


17 has dark purple eyes and lips. he has 10 white blocks with red borders and 7 rainbow blocks. he also has some paint splats on him which he uses for his art palette.


Seventeen is a painter who paints Seventeen of everything. he also knows the fact that another purpose of drawing is it to become later a masterpiece.

Fanmade Design Descriptions

Gabe Sotillo's original design of Seventeen is yellow with purple eyes, lips, and limbs. She has two eyelashes on each eye.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's original design of Seventeen is magenta with blue-purple gradient limbs and she has one turquoise heptagon glasses eye.

TSRITW's design of Seventeen is yellow-orange. He has pentagon shaped eyes and is almost always asleep.

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Seventeen is black with a face of ":D".

MDZ’s design of Seventeen is cyan with 2 octagon eyes.

Alistair’s Seventeen is a air guitar player named Max.

NoibatYayya's design of Seventeen consists of odd-looking blocks which also includes 7 blocks tall of 10 and another 3 at the side. Also includes 7's body on the right which is 7 blocks tall.

Stikbot1992's design of Seventeen is female, white, red and purple, has indigo limbs. Her talents are singing and voice acting.

AwesomeX05's design for Seventeen features a Ten block arranged in a step formation, and an all-violet seven block in a 'snake' formation above the steps. She has pink eyes, mouth and limbs with long eyelashes.



Seventeen and Three seem to have a good relationship but it's probably the first time Numberblocks which aren't alter-egos hate each other; Three hates Seventeen at first, due to how much times she gets used and abused. Later through out the episode she starts suffering from insanity.


  • Stikbot1992's design of 17 is his favourite design so far.
  • It was confirmed on Twitter that 17 is male.
  • While some Numberblocks were based off of other things (like 8 being based off of octopuses/the infinity sign which is commonly used for heroes, 6 being off of a dice and 12 being based on arrays), 17 is instead based off of painting rather than being a ninja/haiku maker, which some people expected. This is because ninjas are frowned upon in the UK, and the fact that Seven is rainbow-coloured.


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