Seven is the seventeenth episode of the Numberblocks series and the second episode of Season 2.


One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six are at a picnic. One has an apple, Two has two bottles of orange juice, Three has three bananas, Four has four green containers, Five has five cupcakes with blue/cyan icing and Six has six indigo cups.

Unfortunately, it then starts to rain. Everyone covers their heads with their arms, Buuut The picnic slides away. Five asks if anyone’s got an umbrella. One just happens to have one and brings it out. She shares the umbrella with the Numberblocks. Then, One jumps onto Two, then Three, then Four. Just before she lands on Five, she drops her umbrella, jumps over Five, and lands on Six. Six gasps as...

6 + 1 = 7

Seven starts out violet. Seven wonders if he’s In heaven. Five then says Seven’s in Numberland. Seven thinks that’s luck. Suddenly, a rainbow Appears And The Numberblocks Are In awe. Seven’s blocks turn multicoloured as the Numberblocks are surprised by this. Seven wonders what happened, then sees a mirror. He counts the seven rainbow-colored blocks, and he finds out that he‘s all the colours of the rainbow, then the mirror creates another Seven.

7 - 1 = 6

Numebrblocks 1-6 meet Seven. Seven feels lucky to meet them, and he thinks he’s the luckiest Numberblocks in the world. He sings a song about being lucky. After the song, they have the picnic, Seven has seven cupcakes with rainbow icing, and the Numberblocks all laugh.


I'm lucky number seven I'm in a happy place

The sun is always shining and There's always a smile upon my face

I see a penny and I pick it up And all day long I have good luck

I'm lucky number seven and Everything is falling into place

I'm lucky number seven And as you might have guessed

I always win the raffle

With seven on your side You're seven blessed

In a pickle, you're in luck I'll help you out

When you get stuck

And if you stick with seven Everything will work out

For the best.


Rainbow time!


My first block is

the same as you.


My second block is

the same as two!


My third block is

just like number three.


My fourth is green,

as you can see!

Blue for five.

Indigo for six.

Violet is for seven...

Oh, that's me!

I've got seven rainbow-coloured Blocks

That makes me unique

I've got seven pairs of pants And socks One for each day of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

One, two, three, four five, six, seven

I've got seven golden tickets

One, two, three, four five, six, seven

All my ducks are in a row

One, two, three, four five, six, seven

Nothing's going to stop me All my traffic lights are on go!

I'm lucky number seven I'd like to chance my arm

In tricky situations There's really no reason for alarm

I take problems in my stride I've got fortune on my side

I'm lucky number seven We know with me I'll be

Your lucky charm.


  • Song: Lucky Number Seven
  • When Seven first appears, all his blocks are violet.
  • This is the only time Seven is arranged horizontally in Ten out of Ten.
  • The instrumental version of the song can be heard in 7's games in the game Numberblocks Make & Play.
    • The following objects in the game are from this episode:
      • Seven's vocals.
      • The ducks.


That’s Unlucky!

Congratulations! You’ve discovered SEVEN!

Lucky Number Seven



Numberblocks Seven Song (Instrumental)-0

"Lucky Number Seven" instrumental

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