Seven or 7, is the Numberblock made up of 7 blocks, each a different colour of the rainbow. He has 7 lines of rainbow hair, as you can see. His powers are luck, and the ability to create rainbows from his blocks.

7 is the first odd number who is male.

7 first appears in the episode with the same name.

He is voiced by David Holt, who also voices Nine and the Numberblobs.


  • Seven (debut)
  • Eight
  • Ten
  • Just Add One
  • Blast Off
  • The Three Threes (doesn't speak)
  • Odds and Evens
  • Fluffies
  • The Two Tree
  • Numberblock Castle
  • Ten Green Bottles
  • Now We Are Six to Ten
  • Numberblobs
  • Building Blocks
  • Peekaboo!
  • Hiccups
  • What's the difference?
  • Numberblock Rally
  • Five and Friends
  • Octoblock to the Rescue
  • Ten Again
  • Flatland
  • The Legend of Big Tum
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Eleven
  • Block Star
  • Fourteen
  • Tween Scenes
  • Fifteen's Minute of Fame
  • Balancing Bridge
  • Seventeen
  • Eighteen
  • Loop the Loop
  • Nineteen
  • Seventeen
  • Flights of Fancy
  • I Can Count to Twenty
  • Heist
  • Twenty One and On
  • Fifty
  • Sixty's High Score
  • The Big One
  • One Hundred
  • More to Explore

Total number of appearances: 44

Prototype Design

Gabe Sotillo's original design of 7 is violet (Purple) like when he first appears, but is a female and has lavender lips, dark purple heptagonal eyes, and no hair, but she likes rainbows.


  • When 7 first appears in his debut episode, all his blocks are violet (Purple). But a rainbow turns all his blocks rainbow-colored.
  • Seven is one of the few Numberblocks to appear in different colours. The other two are One and Eleven.

    7 before he gains rainbow colours.

    7's face below his top block when arranged this way, as seen in Just Add One.

  • 7 is the biggest prime number in the second part of Season 1.
  • 7 is the second Numberblock to have something on his head, which is a rainbow hair, the first being 3, wearing a red 3-pointed 2D-ish jester hat on her head.
  • The Three Threes is the only episode in which 7 does not speak, but there's a mistake that 9 sounds like him in one clip. (Weird!)
  • 7's debut eponymous episode is the only episode in which he is the biggest number.
  • 7 is the fourth Numberblock who speaks in a foreign accent, which is Welsh.
  • Just Add One is the only episode in which when 7 is arranged 1+2+2+2, his face is below his top block.
  • His voice actor, David Holt, also voices 9.
    • His voice actor also voices:
      • Some of the male Alphablocks from Alphablocks
      • Shere Khan (Disney's The Jungle Book)
      • Steggy (Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs)
      • Kaito, Robot Tennts (Hot Shots Tennis)
      • UK version of Nick Jr. Face
  • 7 is revealed to be Gabe Sotillo's (Punchcar63) favorite Numberblock.
  • In the Cbeebies Magazine Issue 113, 7's Fact File mistakes him as a girl.
  • He can make up to 108 shapes.
    • He can make 196 one-sided shapes and 760 fixed shapes.


  • "I'm the luckiest Numberblock in the world”
  • "That was lucky!”
  • "Beginner’s luck!"
  • ''I feel lucky!''


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