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Season 8 is the eighth season of Numberblocks, and the second season to premiere in 2021. It is the latter half of Series 5.


  • S8E1: Now in 3D - Octonaughty returns with a whole new dimension of naughtiness.
  • S8E2: Club Picnic - There are so many clubs for Numberblocks to belong to!
  • S8E3: Too Many Threes - Three's attempts to hide in the Clubhouse get increasingly tricky.
  • S8E4: Circus of Threes - Roll up, roll up, roll up as the spectacular Three Times Table puts on a show to remember.
  • S8E5: Figure It Out - Twenty-One reveals her six-step plan for figuring out Numberblocks.
  • S8E6: Snow Day Doubles - Thirty-Two and friends have fun halving and doubling in the snow.
  • S8E7: Steps Versus Squares - The annual Steps vs Squares treasure hunt doesn't quite go to plan.
  • S8E8: Puzzle Square - Puzzle-master Thirty-Six challenges the others to find a way into Puzzle Square.
  • S8E9: Four on the Floor - Four and friends bust some big moves on the dance floor with the Four Times Table.
  • S8E10: Sky High Fives - Five gets ready to perform at the Tower of Rock.
  • S8E11: One Giant Step Squad - Meet Fifty-Five, the rocket ship captain who's always ready to blast into space.
  • S8E12: Square on the Moon - The big squares set out to land a square on the moon using square power alone.
  • S8E13: Heroes With Zeroes - When there's trouble in space, Ten and the Ten Times Table rocket to the rescue.
  • S8E14: What If? - What if there was a way to explore every possible question? Imagine that!
  • S8E15: 100 Ways to Leave the Planet - It's time for the biggest adventure of all – there's a whole universe to explore.

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  • This tweet officially announces the new season coming to CBeebies and BBC iPlayer on June 7, at 8:15 AM.
    • They will also be available outside the UK on June 21 via YouTube Kids.
    • The CBeebies schedule also once said that Series 5 will have 30 episodes, as shown below.
  • This article reveals some things about Season 8. According to it, some episodes may include the following:
    • The concept of Infinity
    • A 15-minute episode about telling time
    • Times tables up to 5 & 10
  • British singer and comedian Sooz Kempner announced on Twitter that she will voice the Three and Ten times tables.
  • This tweet (dated 19th May, 2021) announced that new Numberblocks episodes may be coming soon, although no exact date was given.
  • The Learningblocks email newsletter has this description for Season 8:
    • You can always add one more... or in this case, 15 brand new Numberblocks episodes which are coming to CBeebies at 8.15am on Monday the 7th June!
      Roll up, roll up, to meet some new times tables, get to know the heroes with zeroes and find out if it's possible to land a square on the moon...
      You can watch these new shows on CBeebies and on the BBCiPlayer. If you haven’t already caught up with the latest series 5 you can see it here.
      For our number fans outside the UK, these brand new episodes will also be coming to YouTube Kids from the 21st June.
    • Notably, this talks about "heroes with zeroes" and an episode about squares landing on the moon. The latter is a bit ironic considering that Four and Nine already went to the moon.
  • It is unknown if there will be any more series or seasons. Most likely, Numberblocks may properly end at the end of Series 5 or 6, or keep going until a Series 10.
  • This is the least spoiled series of Season 8, only showing clips from Now in 3D and Circus of Threes. The only two clips that were shown was Twenty-Seven reassembling herself (Now in 3D), and a photo of the Three Times Table outside the eponymous Circus of Threes.