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"You know that you've arrived when you're with season five!"

Season 5 is the first half of Series 3 in Numberblocks.


  1. Fifteen's Minute of Fame (recap 0~15) - The Numberblocks put on a talent show of terrific number tricks.
  2. On Your Head (identifying numbers/digits) - When the Numberblocks' Numberlings fall off, the Numberblocks have to work out who they are.
  3. Ten's Place (10+x) - Trainer Ten puts her friends through their paces with a high-energy number workout.
  4. Balancing Bridge (bridging 10 + balancing amounts) - It's all in the balance as the Numberblocks try to make it across a very wobbly bridge.
  5. Sixteen (number 16) - Learn all about the number 16 with Numberblock Sixteen!
  6. Square Club (square root of 1) - Things get out of hand at a Square Club meeting. Can anyone save the day?
  7. Seventeen (number 17) - Meet the artist known as Seventeen, who likes to paint 17 of everything.
  8. Eighteen (number 18) - Meet Eighteen, the super speedy rectangle who was born to ride the rays.
  9. Loop the Loop (factors of 10+) - Super rectangle Eighteen shows the others how to ride the rays on the super-duper looper.
  10. Nineteen (number 19) - New Nineteen discovers she is a one-off with a hidden talent... a shape-shifter.
  11. Twenty (number 20) - Are you ready for the big dance number? Numberblock Twenty struts his stuff and dances the Two Tens Tango.
  12. Tall Stories (16~20 recap) - It's time for the last bedtime story all about Numberblocks Sixteen to Twenty.
  13. Flights of Fancy (10+x recap) - Rocket Ten and friends blast off into space for a rhyming adventure to visit planets 11 to 20.
  14. I Can Count to Twenty (skip counting) - The Numberblobs challenge Twenty to a singing count-off.
  15. Heist (number bonds to 16~19) - Can Sixteen to Twenty sneak past the robot guards at the Museum of Numbers?