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Ride the Rays is an episode of Numberblocks.


A fantastic treat awaits the numberblocks at the top of Ray Canyon.


Numberblocks 1-6 enter through the doorway to Ray Canyon. When they come out, they see something interesting. Six mentioned Twelve's words that if any of them can get to the top, they'll find a big surprise. But how? Simple, they’ll have to RIDE THE RAYS!

Some riding rays appear. The starting rays are two orange rays, so Two gets to ride up to the next platform. Three tries, but she's an odd number, so Four rides the 2-ray. Six then rides the 2-ray and then the 3-ray. But Six can't ride the green 4-ray. Two and Four are stuck with the 3-ray, and One, Three, and Five are stuck with the 2-ray.

Three suggests they can't be stuck if they add up.

3 + 1 = 4

Four rides the 2-ray.

4 + 2 = 6

Six rides the 3-ray and meets with the other Six.

6 + 6 = 12

Twelve rides the 4-ray, before she separates into Six, Three, Two, and One.

3 + 2 = 5

Five rides the 5-ray. But she can't ride the 6-ray. A gong sound is heard, causing Ray Canyon to shake and Twelve enters the canyon. She rides the 2 through 4-rays. But since she can't ride the 5-ray, she separates into Ten and Two. Ten rides the 5-ray and meets with the other Two.

10 + 2 = 12

As Twelve rides the 6-ray, she says "I'll drop you a line!" Three asks what that means. When Twelve reaches the top, a rumbling sound is heard. A red 1-ray appears for the Numberblocks to ride on to the Rays Track, where Numberblocks can roam on rays.

Other Strategy

Another way they've could've reached the top is by adding 1 + 3 to make 4 then add 6 to get 10 allowing 10 to ride the 5 rays just like 5 and then once they've reached the final platform and 10 separates to 6, 1 and 3, 6 could ride up the six ray there.



  • 0, 7, 8, 9, and 11 are absent in this episode.
  • ”Rays Track” is a pun on the word “Race Track”.