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Rectangle Racers is the twelfth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 102nd episode overall.


At the Rays Track, Twenty-Four is ready to race all day and all night.



  • Numberblocks Twitter says that this episode teaches different arrays in bigger numbers.
  • This is the second episode where Three is the smallest Numberblock. The first is "Divide and Drive".
  • This is the tenth episode where One is absent and the sixth episode where Two is absent.
  • It is listed as episode 15 on YouTube, instead of episode 12 elsewhere.
  • Eighteen likes to touch the trophy at the end. But he almost got caught.


  • When Six first appears, her eyes are disembodied from her blocks.
  • When Twelve uses her array display, her 1x12 arrangement had all the side rays red and white, without the top two rays orange.
  • When Twelve jumps over the eight-ray ramp, it's a six-ray. But when Twenty-Four uses the eight-ray, it has eight rays again.
  • When Twelve says "8 rays?" It sounds like "H rays?" as seen here.
    • H is the eighth letter in the alphabet.



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