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Prank is the 3rd episode of Alphablocks Series 4.


When A discovers a magic red nose, she gets up to all sorts of cheeky five-letter mischief.


P, R, and K are playing. N just stands there minding his own business. A drops in between R and N.

p-r-a-n-k, PRANK!

A red clown nose appears on A, turning her into a prank master. She wants to play a bunch of jokes on others. She first calls I, T, and S.

s-t-i-n-k, STINK!

A pile of stinky socks appear. I and S leave while A calls U and R.

t-r-u-n-k, TRUNK!

An elephant appears. It squirts water from its trunk, making the Alphablocks all wet. A then calls S, M, O, and P.

s-t-o-m-p, STOMP!

O jumps on a boot, and the boot stomps, leaving footprints. A holds hands with the others.

s-t-a-m-p, STAMP!

S, T, M, and P stamp their letters on the ground. Later, U looks around and sees that Alphaland is ruined. T comes to help him. They need a plan, but it turns out to involve spelling a word.

p-l-a-n-k, PLANK!

A ship appears, and P, L, A, N, and K are walking the plank. Then T calls S. N jumps down.

s-t-u-n-t, STUNT!

A jumps off the plank, bounces on the stinky socks, stomps with the boot, stamps the letter A, and gets wet by the elephant. Then she loses her nose, causing her be relieved to be herself again.

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • Prank
  • Stink
  • Trunk
  • Stomp
  • Stamp
  • Plan (stealth word)
  • Plank
  • Stunt

Notes & trivia

  • Total words: 7.
  • L only says her sound in this episode. This is heard once.
  • B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, Q, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • E is the only vowel who did not appear in this episode.
  • This aired after Cowboy, but was produced between Clap and Plusman.
  • As seen in this episode, T stands for tea, while S stands for sausages.