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Pi, or π, is a semi-official Numberblock who is made of about 3.14159... blocks.


In his drawing, he is circular with four quadrant-circular blocks. He has dark green eyebrows, that look like Four's, except the right eyebrow is a (π-2)x1 rectangle instead of a 2x1 one. His blocks are pale yellow and his limbs and lips are dark green with a bucktooth.


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  • He is the only character to be made out of non-full blocks.
  • He never appeared in episodes, only in a Pi Day tweet.
    • Pi Day is held on March 14 (3/14).
  • Pi was referenced in "More to Explore".
    • The actual reference is Three, One and Four (3.14) standing next to a pie.
    • Pi was also seen for a frame during the "count to 1000000" segment, along with a lot of other mathematical constants (the golden ratio, √2, euler's constant, the powers of 2, etc.)
  • He and Forty-Two are the only characters who don't appear in any episode but already having a official supposed figured-out appearance.


  • Pi to 50 decimal places is:
    • 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841961693993751.