Pi or π is a Numberblock who is made of about 3.141592653 blocks.


He is circular with four quadrant-circular blocks. He has eyebrows of 3.15 blocks that are dark green. His blocks are a pale chartreuse-yellow colour and his limbs and lips are dark green. He has one bucktooth.

Prototype Designs

Arif Khamis-Yussuf - Arifmetix's design of Pi looks like Four, but is circular and has eyebrows of 3.15 blocks. He has four quadrant-circular blocks because 3.14 is near to 4.

Gabe Sotillo - Punchcar63's design of Pi is similar to Arifmetix's, but is blue, red, green and yellow. He has lavender lips and only two top teeth, while the bottom teeth are all present.



Pi (Numberblocks Animation)

Pi (Numberblocks Animation)

Four turned himself into Pi by filing his blocks too hard.

Numberblocks Animation - What's Pi + Pi?

Numberblocks Animation - What's Pi + Pi?

Pi and Tau play a prank on Four!

Numberblocks Animation - Half-Pi

Numberblocks Animation - Half-Pi

Pi discovers his halves.


  • Pi to 20 decimal places is:
    • 3.14159265358979323846
  • The area of a unit circle is Pi, which is why Pi is circular.
  • The Official Pi made his debut in a picture released on Pi Day 2017.
    • Pi Day is held on March 14 (3/14)
  • Pi was mentioned in "More to Explore".
  • Three, One and Four were on screen too referencing 3.14.

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