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"I don't think I've seen Pattern Palace (episode) before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the place, see Pattern Palace (place).

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"There is no silly sucking sound!"Five
Yup, there are zero plot holes in this episode. Don't even bother looking for one; there are ZERO.

Pattern PaIace is the 2nd episode of Season 4 of Numberblocks.


The Numberblocks cross the magic moats to get to the Pattern Palace!


Numberblocks 1-5 are going to visit the pattern palace. One checks the map. A voice welcomes them to the Pattern Palace, where they must cross the Pattern Paths to get there. The first Pattern Paths show all red blocks. Three cuts in front of One and falls in and is then thrown back to the ground. Since One is red, only she crosses the first Pattern Path of red blocks. The second pattern has red and orange blocks, the third, red, orange and yellow, the fourth, all blocks are green with a gap after every four of them and the fifth, a hand is added after each one. When they make it to the palace, they meet Six.


  • Four stays a square throughout the whole episode.
  • The patterns:
      1. All red
      2. Alternating red and orange
      3. Red, orange, yellow, repeat
      4. Four greens and a gap
      5. Hand, red, add one hand for each red
    • Blue is the only color not mentioned, even though it's blue for 5.
  • The dice tower from this episode can later been seen in Sixty's High Score, and The Many Friends of Twenty.
  • This is the third episode where only Numberblocks 1-6 are present the first is Six and the second is Counting Sheep.
  • This episode shows 4 holding 11 blocks at once.
  • A video uploaded by the official YouTube channel featuring parts of this episode is the most viewed Numberblocks episode, with over 150 million views.


  • When Three tries to get through the first pattern path, part of inside her mouth is yellow.


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