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Outlaw is the eleventh episode of Alphablocks Series 4. This is the eighty-ninth episode in the show overall.


When Alphablock I starts making up new laws, AU are soon on the run, with AW in hot pursuit!


I attempts to sing but soon hears "nee-noo" noises. U runs past her but I touches U, with I saying that she can catch him. N ragequits upon being blocked by I. W enters, explaining what W, U, and N are doing. I says it's against the rules. So they start to complain. A lands and sticks with W, forming digraph AW. I saying that merging is also against the rules. L comes in and tells the "lovely letters" to hold hands, but is interrupted by I, who says "no". Whatever. They hold hands anyway.

l-aw, LAW!

AW gains a siren and I becomes a cop. L asks what's a law. I explains. Then she places a "Keep off the grass!" sign. I arrests U, but N says that he's not even on grass. I bumps him.

l-aw-n, LAWN!

Now U's ON the grass. I arrests U in the name of the "lawn", but corrects this. U runs away while I and AW give chase.

Next sign: "No pets!". P says that he doesn't have any pets. I calls for AW.

p-aw, PAW!

Although it's just a paw and not a pet, I arrests U again in the name of the "paw", but again corrects this. CHASE AGAINI!

"No bouncy balls, no showers on the stairs, no pretending to be police!". U laughs because he doesn't even have bouncy balls, isn't even on stairs, and isn't even pretending to be a police. R and D drop in.

d-r-aw, DRAW!

The pencil draws a ball, stairs, and a bucket. The pencil then smacks U with the eraser side before disappearing. Now thanks to I U's violating these rules (unfairly). W de-attaches from A and U lands, forming digraph AU. Now basically U has to defend himself... by turning I's rules on herself.

I attempts to announce that she's going to arrest AU in the name of the- "pineapples!" P interrupts I and gives pineapples as gifts for pals who play hikes. I places a sign which is "Nothing which starts with P!", and P becomes uppercase. "Lovely letters, let's hold hands!"

P-au-l, PAUL!

I gains a nametag with "Paul". I arrests herself, but she unarrests herself soon afterward when she throws the nametag away.

"No unicorns! No jelly monsters! No ghosts!"

(if you noticed, the rules get even stricter, and abuse gets higher)

h-au-n-t, HAUNT!

I becomes a ghost and arrests herself, even though N mentions that there’s no such thing as ghosts. Then the cardboard ghost mask plainly falls off of her. Again, I unarrests herself. H and N joins the chase after AU. This is where I's power abuse reaches its peak...

"No hills! No sky!" F appears. "No astronauts!"

l-au-n-ch, LAUNCH!

I is launched. I arrests herself again. I comes back down, no longer a police officer. I suggests to play cops and robbers and now U is the cop. NEE-NOO-NEE-NOO!

Learning Objective

This episode introduces the '-aw-' and '-au-' digraph and the words law, lawn, paw, draw, Paul, haunt and launch.

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • AW
  • AU
  • CH


  • Law
  • Lawn
  • Paw
  • Draw
  • Paul
  • Haunt
  • Launch


  • Total words: 7
  • B, E, G, J, K, M, O, Q, S, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, D, H, R, T, and digraph CH only say their sound in this episode.
  • C doesn't speak in this episode.
  • This is the final episode to feature P.
  • No words are made with F and I.
  • This is both Battle’s and Nicholas Machado Secret 3's least favorite episode of Alphablocks.


  • When U is joined with A to form AU in the latter half of the episode, U's hat is seen missing (probably replaced by the siren).