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The One Times Table is a character in Numberblocks. She is voiced by Rosalie Craig.

She first appears in Fun Times One Times Table.


She is similar to One: a red base with white top and a red circle in the middle. One round eye and a mouth. She has four limbs similar to table legs, but she can shrink them and become a rocket instead.


She likes taking One on adventures, and has a cheerful personality.


  • "Right! First time! Hehehe!"
  • "Let's go!"


  • The One Times Table is the first new character of Season 7, excluding the Numberblobs dressing up as the Numberblocks.
    • She is also voiced by a new voice actor, Rosalie Craig, who is a singer.
  • Many people thought that she had a soft whisper voice when they heard "Let's go!" in the trailer for Season 7.
  • She and the Two Times Table said the same word on their first appearance: “Welcome!”.
  • When the One Times Table was annouced, a few viewers thought that she was "one half" (0.5).
    • That is obviously not true since the One Times Table has more volume than One.