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"I don't think I've seen One Hundred (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character. For the episode, see One Hundred (episode).

One Hundred, or 100, is a Numberblock made up of 100 blocks. She is voiced by Sharon D. Clarke.


One Hundred has a chessboard pattern of 50 light red blocks and 50 dark red blocks. Her eye, mouth and her limbs has the same colour as One's eye, mouth and limbs. She also has an array display, making her a super rectangle.


One Hundred's personality is rather slow-paced and gentle and she likes being big. She acts like some sort of motherly figure to One.

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  • One Hundred has one eye because she is one big Hundred-block. (This didn't apply to Ten though)
    • The main reason why Ten doesn't have 1 eye, while One and One Hundred do is because Ten does not have a One in her name.
  • One Hundred is the smallest 3-digit Numberblock we all know of, since the number before her, Ninety-Nine, has 2 digits.
    • She is also the biggest Numberblock to appear in canon outside of any dream sequences or thoughts.
    • This could be that her voice is rather deep.
  • Some viewers mistake her as a turtle-like figure because of her slow-moving character.
  • One Hundred is the second number to have 9 factors, making her a "super-duper rectangle". The first is Thirty-Six.

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