One Hundred (100) is a square Numberblock. She is voiced by Sharon D. Clarke.

Prototype designs

Gabe Sotillo's design of One-Hundred is white like Ten, but with a double-border - red and dark red - red lips and legs, dark red arms, ten stars (10x10) on each red glove in the colors of Numberblocks 1-10, ten decagram eyes (10x10) of the same colors, and four pentaicosagram buttons of the same colors (25x4). She is a mix of the Numberblocks

Arifmetix's design of One-Hundred is white with red borders like Ten, but she's square with ten stars (10x10) on each glove colored in the Numberblocks 1-20, She is a mix of the Numberblocks 1-10. She is called a big 100-block.

SuperToysUniverse’s design of One Hundred is golden, used making Clay.

Stikbot1992's design is white on the inside, two outlines, one red and one white, with ten stars a glove.

SuperToysUniverse’s 2nd design of 100 is red and white checkered.

ThePinkDrop’s design has two red borders, and the blocks are all white.

ladyviking22's design of 100 is female and has One rectangle eye and one square eye Has dark red lips Dark red limbs with four array displays with white borders and 100 red blocks and Dark red eyebrows

ISNorden's design of One Hundred is golden with crimson limbs; each of her blocks is edged with the same crimson shade. She wears white gloves (each one with a bright-red star accent) like those of Ten, and white running shoes with bright-red racing stripes (four per foot). A pair of sunglasses with golden, star-shaped frames hides this One Hundred's eyes; presumably, her eyes are square (but no other Numberblock knows for sure).

Rayman901's design of One Hundred are rainbow borders with rainbow blocks: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Rainbow with Violet, Pink, 3 Grays and White.



  • One Hundred has one eye because she is one big Hundred-block. (This didn't apply to Ten though)
    • The main reason why Ten doesn't have 1 eye, while One and One hundred do is because Ten doesn't have "One" in her name.
  • One Hundred is the smallest 3-digit Numberblock we all know of, since the number before her, Ninety-Nine, has 2 digits.
  • One Hundred's Voice sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl.
    • This could be that her voice is rather deep.
  • Viewers mistake her as a turtle-like figure because of her slow-moving character.

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