One was an idea created by BlueZoo and was considered to have been the idea for Numberblocks.


A small white block falls from the sky. It grows eyes, a mouth and limbs. She finds a numberling on the ground, picks it up, and then refers to herself as "One". One does many fun things, like singing, sliding and counting. But then one day, One feels lonely, so she decided to make friends. She finds a magic mirror, and sees another One on the mirror. However, it's just a reflection, so One sadly walks away, until the reflection turns into another One. The 2 Ones play with each over until one of them jumps onto the other, forming Two, a yellow character with 2 blocks.


  • One - White with 2 eyes, a mouth, as well as black limbs. 2 of her appear before they make Two.
  • Two - Yellow with 2 round eyes, eyebrows, a mouth and yellow limbs.


  • One and Two look completely different compared to the current One and Two.
  • It is presumed that this early version of Numberblocks was made somewhere in late 2016, due to it being mentioned to have been "an idea that became Numberblocks", and that Numberblocks was made in January 2017.
  • Three and onward did not exist yet.
  • The magic mirror looks slightly different. It was originally just a frame of glass, until it was changed to the yellow-bordered arch-shaped mirror we all know today.
  • The comic was split into "One" and "Another One", the first 2 episodes of Numberblocks.
  • It is presumed by a few fans that Two was originally female, before she was changed to male for the TV show.
  • The comic strips were uploaded onto Twitter by the Numberblocks in September 2016, 1 - 8 months after the Numberblocks was first premiered.
  • Two in the comic used to resemble Duo from Dragonbox Numbers due to them both being yellow with 2 eyes, before Two was changed to orange.


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